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Fall 2010

Color Club’s Fall 2010 nail polish collection is divided into two groups of seven polishes each. One group is “Every Shade of Indulgence” and the other group is “Colors so Luxe, They’re Covered in Diamonds” – both are under the main collection “Untamed Luxury”. I’m starting my swatches and reviews with the Indulgence collection first… Diamonds will be up as soon as I have time to paint my nails another seven times.

Now, let’s get down to the new nail polish colors…

Pretty in Platinum

Bionic Beauty review and swatch - Color Club's Pretty in Platinum nail polish

Color Club's Pretty in Platinum nail polish

Pretty in Platinum was a bit too pale for my very light skin tone. I think it would look stunning on someone with a tan or a deeper skin color. The polish’s pigmentation is incredible – especially for such a light color! I applied only two coats and it went on as smooth as can be. The shimmery, metallic effect would be especially perfect for evening holiday parties.

Wild Orchid

Bionic Beauty review and swatch - Color Club's Wild Orchid nail polish

Color Club's Wild Orchid nail color

Wild orchid is a gorgeous color. To me, it’s an elephant gray; or perhaps reminiscent of wet cement. The color is complimented with very teeny same-colored shimmer. The only drawbacks are: 1. It was a bit slower to dry than other Color Club polishes (compared to this collection and the brand as a whole) ~and~ 2. I did have to apply my typical three coats (that’s my usual when swatching nail colors) since Orchid wasn’t as pigmented as the others.
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is the season to reflect on what is most important in our lives, what has changed us, and that which has forced us (good, bad or otherwise) to grow. There’s really too much for me to list in an article, and not bore you all to a tryptophan-coma, so here is my tippy-top “I’m Thankful” list…

For scenery such as this... and experiencing it with the most important people (and dogs) in my life.

I'm thankful for beautiful scenery and landscapes

My dream Bionic-land: Mountains, trees, trails, wildlife and cabins.

My Willie Woo. I’m glad he’s never stopped woo’ing (or blogging) and has stubbornly refused to grow out of his puppy-hood!

Bionic Beauty and her dog Willie Woo

My Wilfred Orvill Oliveira (aka Woo) - Three years old, and yet stuck at six months!

Woo’s new best friend and my second favorite dog in the world, Sylvia McFroggus. Thanks for the girl time, chica!
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With all the new makeup and beauty products that launch every Fall and Winter, it’s a total nightmare to keep up with them! Total Beauty has a “summary” version with some of my new favorite items- including my current most loved lip product- Revlon’s Just Bitten lip stain markers. I’m SO in love with Midnight. It’s a gorgeous deep berry and lasts forever. The only drawback I’ve found is the little lip balm/top coat built into the opposite end cap is not stable (I’ll get a review up soon with swatches of the colors I have purchased). Mine always fall right off… then again, I am a bit klutzy.
Your Beauty CliffsNotes

These easy, trusty tips will have you covered day and night all through fall

Your Beauty CliffsNotes

This is a beauty tips article

Here are some autumn skin care suggestions as well as seasonal day and night makeup looks.

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What are your favorite beauty items this fall? Are there any makeup looks that you were in cooler weather more than you would in the summer months?

Jessica Cosmetics has released their new Fall 2010 nail polish collection, “Muse”, and it’s loaded with on trend colors. In order to give all Bionic Beauties an introduction to the collection, I’ve swatched and reviewed two of the most popular colors. Like it’s namesake, it’s truly inspiring!

First up, Crimson Reflection ~ a gorgeous cranberry creme. Highly pigmented with full coverage in one coat, super easy to apply (with no cuticle drag, or tip pooling), and extraordinarily long wear. I can’t really ask for more. This is certainly my new favorite polish in the berry family.

Bionic Beauty swatch and review - Jessica nail polish in Crimson Reflection

Looking for a new berry polish? Crimson Reflection is a winner!

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Bionic Beauty Asks - Makeup and beauty question blog article series
This week’s Bionic Asks… Do you ever match your nail polish to your dress?
This weekend I am attending a semi-fancy dinner reception. Since most of my dresses were either formal, or had a Spring season feel (pale yellows or bright polka dots), I decided to take an older dress and alter it to suit the occasion. This dress is a dark, dark navy blue topped with semi-matte sequins. The toned-down sequins make it easier to wear and less blingy for this not-so-formal event.

Bionic Beauty's sequined dress for an upcoming event

A nail polish adventure in Bionic-land: I attempt to match my pedicure to my matte sequined dress.

And now onto the beauty portion…
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