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Spring 2012

10 Hairstyle Trends for 2012

by Bionic Beauty on 09.Feb.2012 · 1 comment

Are you looking for a new hair style in 2012? Do you follow the “trends” or just pick what you want and GO with it?

Personally, some of these trends are a bit whack-tastic. Such as the messy bob shown below. I adore bobs… but this one looks like it could use some serious deep-conditioning!!
10 New Hairstyle Trends to Try This Year

Ombre tips and faux bobs are so 2011. See the trends that stylists say will rule in 2012

10 New Hairstyle Trends to Try This Year

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If you’re itching for a change this season, these new hairstyles will inspire you. Hint: The faux bob gets prettier and the ombre look gets a more natural-looking makeover for 2012. If you’re looking to change up your hairstyle this season, read on.

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Have you spotted any other hair trends on the streets?