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Beauty Gadgets

When I need hair products and styling tools, I turn to Their customer service, prices, and selection are absolutely fabulous. I have two Hana flat irons currently (the mini for travel and a full size one for home use), and they are worth every penny!

Now I have even more respect for the Misikko and Hana Salon team… Check out the messages below from John at Misikko; and Hana Salon owner, Stephen Voudouris, on how they are helping us all reach out and assist in the Haiti earthquake relief efforts.

Dear friends,
I hope your New Year has been going well despite all the things that are going on in the world right now. Haiti is in need right now… here at Misikko we are trying to give back! We have been contacted by the CEO of Hana Salon, Steve Voudouris who is helping us achieve this goal. For every Hana hair styling appliance that is purchased between January 20 and February 28, 2010, he will personally send a $25 blank check to the customer along with a stamped envelope for the customer to send a donation to the charity of their choice. You can see the letter he wrote to us down below.
John (from

Letter from Hana hair salon owner - how to help Haiti relief efforts with Misikko flat iron purchase

Click the image for a full size version of the letter...

So Bionic Beauties, if you’ve been considering a new flat iron, now is the time to buy. Hana’s are exceptional in quality and you’ll be supporting a great cause, too!

For more on how to help Haiti, here’s my previous article that outlines the myths, true charities, and ways to donate.

You all know my infatuation with my beloved PedEgg. Well, it’s still my favorite pedicure product, ever. And now, it’s even closer to my heart! PedEgg has released a special, limited edition Pink PedEgg.

The Pink PedEgg sports the Breast Cancer awareness ribbon and $50,000 of the proceeds will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. That’s a HUGE chunk of change that can really make a difference!

The limited edition pink PedEgg sells for $10 online at or in your local drugstore (I’ve spotted them at Sally’s Beauty Supply, Walgreens and CVS).

The Zann Clip is one of my favorite beauty gadgets. What is it, you ask? It’s a pretty kick-butt hair clip that doesn’t slip, slide, pull or break your locks. Head over to my review for photographs of it in action and my full thoughts.

And now here’s the main reason for this article… a coupon code!
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Free cosmetics and beauty samples found by Bionic Beauty

“Ladies, it’s been brought to my attention that this may not be a true free treatment. Apparently, you will receive a $300 coupon good towards a treatment. I wanted you all to know that as you proceed forward.” ~Bionic Beauty

This summer American Laser Centers is offering one free trial treatment of any of the services the company offers included in the list below.

While this isn’t a typical “beauty freebie”, I figured it might be an easy way to try something you’ve been considering.

Treatments that you can pick from…

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Bionic Style: The Zann Clip

by Bionic Beauty on 26.May.2009 · 5 comments

Bionic Beauties have many sides… and beauties also have days where hair does not cooperate. In steps the Zann Clip. Zann Clips are nifty twists of wire that stay put. Mine don’t wander, slip, slide, pull, tangle or otherwise beat up my hair (which is a good thing, right??).

Here’s me and my multi-colored hair with a small Zann Clip in gold.
Zann Clip hair barrette product review by Bionic Beauty

In this photo, my sister and I were off for a day of fun at the beach. With the beach breezes, I hate having my hair whip around my face- so wearing the Zann was a no brainer. It’s also handy when working in the yard, bad hair days, under hats, and while working out (the Zann doesn’t even slip while running!).

Since my hair is short, I usually wear mine as shown above (partial pull back) or as a pony tail holder. But ladies with longer hair can use then vertically, on the side, or a slew of other ways.

Zann Clip hair barrette product review by Bionic Beauty

Zann Clips come in small (2 1/2 inch), medium (3 1/8 inch) and large (3 and 3/4 inch) sizes, plus you can get color coated (in almost every color) or 24K gold plated or platinum plated. In my photo, I’m wearing a gold small Zann Clip. The smalls work best for my fine and chin length hair. I gave my sister a medium and a large since her hair is longer and thicker than mine.

Zann Clips are available online and range in price from $10-13 (for the color coated variety) to $21-23 (for the gold or platinum variety). A Bionic Buy!