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Show off your Powerful Beauty!

by Bionic Beauty on 27.Aug.2008 · 11 comments

I’m a T-shirt fan. And even more so, I’m a fan of T shirts that say something about my personality. In keeping with the “Achieve Powerful Beauty” slogan here on Bionic Beauty, I’m launching a line of T shirts! There’s tank tops, loose comfy tees, cap sleeved shirts, maternity wear (Bionic Baby on Board!), and tote bags. There’s quite a few color selections currently, but white is my favorite (I’ve always loved white shirts…they go with everything!).

The complete Bionic Beauty T store is located at: I have also added a link to the store in my right sidebar in the Blogroll section.

Bionic Fitted Tank Shirt - Bionic Beauty

I’m open to all suggestions from my readers. Is there a certain color/style you’d like to see? Additional slogan?

And the teensy profits (around 50 cents, I think per order) are going to go towards my web hosting for Bionic Beauty. Just so ya know. 🙂