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I think most of us are aware of “healthy drinks”… but I am hoping to write an article that educates you, rather than bores you to tears. My goal is to explain quickly how and why these drinks can benefit you from the inside out; and why HerbaSway’s drink blends impressed me. The amount of effort, passion and cutting edge scientific research that HerbaSway piles into their products, is certainly far-beyond the level an average company achieves.

HerbaSway’s Spa and Beauty drinks are geared to help your benefit your inner (literally) beauty from the use of antioxidants, nutrients, Superfuits and beneficial teas.
What’s a Superfruit you ask? It’s one wearing a cape with a little S on it, of course. All kidding aside, it’s a fruit high in antioxidants but has the added knock-out punch of additional health benefits beyond the realm of antioxidants alone. Your body naturally products antioxidants to fight off free radicals inside and outside your system. However as age progresses, the body’s production of antioxidants slows; and the toxins can begin to outnumber your natural defenses.

The Bionic Beauty blog visits the HerbaSway booth at ISPA 2009 Convention

Herbasway's booth at ISPA 2009 (My fingernails matched their booth colors! ~Jami)

The ingredients in HerbaSway’s drinks can help your body prevent premature aging and cellulite buildup; assist in the production of collagen and elastin; and balance your overall health.
Let’s start with HerbaSway’s “five point philosophy”…
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Bionic Diary: Results of My New Year’s Detox

by Bionic Beauty on 04.Jan.2008 · 6 comments

Well, I have finished up my New Year’s detox program (by Boots) and I must confess, I was impressed. As you know, I raved about the great taste, but the benefits are fantastic. I definitely lost the bloat and my energy level is certainly up (which is a good thing after all the cookies I was eating…).  Fantastic, easy product!

I did not experience any negative side effects (no headaches, icky breath, etc).

Add this to you “to try” list if you are looking for a SAFE way to detoxify your body (I don’t want any Bionic readers doing those darn “starve me for 5 days detox’s” – *so* not good for you!).

Best wishes in the New Year, ladies!

(You can read the previous Detox diary posts here: Day 1 and Day 2). 

Bionic Diary: Day 2 of Detox

by Bionic Beauty on 30.Dec.2007 · 6 comments

Well, things are still going smoothly with my New Year’s detox plan. The Boots product is really gentle and tastes great. I’m not tired of it, and it’s very easy to work into my day.

I did some research about detoxing and found that you should check with a doctor before starting a plan, especially if you have any health conditions. Also, do not forget to take your daily multi-vitamin supplement since your body needs those vitamins to keep up functioning; and plenty of water helps to flush your system giving your even more benefits from the detox.

Until tomorrow… 🙂

Bionic Diary: Day 1 of Detox for the New Year

by Bionic Beauty on 29.Dec.2007 · 10 comments

As a way to kick off 2008, I am using the Boots “Feel the Difference Five Day Detox Plan“. Today is Day One and so far, so good.

The plan includes 5 days worth of supplements that are blended from natural ingredients that help target your body’s detoxifying organs (liver, etc). Ingredients include Schizandra (an herb), Green Tea, Ginger, Grape Vine Leaf, and Marine Plant Bark. Sounds odd, and I was expecting the taste to follow suit. Truthfully though, it’s actually pretty yummy… and easy! You mix a vial of flavored liquid (mine is Strawberry) into 1 quart of water and drink it throughout the day. It takes like a light strawberry tea.

Check back tomorrow for my progress!

If any readers would like to detox along with me, you can find the Boots Detox kit at local Target stores for $19.99.

Boots 5 Day Detox Plan

Drink Your Way to Pretty

by Bionic Beauty on 14.Oct.2007 · 4 comments

L'oreal and Coca Cola team up on new skin care drink, Lumae

The internet has been a buzz that refreshment king- Coca-Cola and beauty queen- L’Oréal are partnering to create a yummy healthy beautiful beverage!

The working-name seems to be “Lumaé” (you know how fast these in-development names can change…). The drink is not set to launch until 2008, so we’ve got some time to wait.
Makeup is a “tea-based ready-to-drink beverage” is expected to contain ingredients that will help women care for their skin.

So, Bionic readers, think we can drink our way to beautiful?