Get blushy with Clinique’s creamy sticks

by Bionic Beauty on 04.Dec.2008 · 1 comment

If you’ve been hanging around Bionic Beauty through this fall, you’ve seen my articles on all the makeup releases with matte coloring.

Continuing in line with this trend, Clinique’s new Blushwear Cream Stick in Very Blush is a rosy brown hue, with a slight violet undertone, perfect for highlighting the cheek apples or sculpting your hollows.

This color is much deeper and more pigmented than many cream blushes. While the stick is a familiar format (think of NARS’ the Multiple), this color is deep, deep, deep and true to the color the stick looks. I recommend going very lightly with your first application. Blend well, then add a bit more if necessary. Pale skinned women will need only a teensy amount of this blush. Yes, it’s that potent. I only used one “dot” (just pushed the circle of the stick to my cheek) on each side of my face.
Clinique blushwear cream sticks - makeup color for the face

The formula is a bit “thicker” than I usually prefer; this reminds me of a lipstick type consistency. However, the wonderful color payoff and incredible amount of packaged product totally make up for that.

As always, the Blushwear sticks are wrapped in Clinique’s classic bright silver packaging. If you’re into blush colors, this is certainly worth checking out!

Swatch them at your local Clinique counters or purchase them online at Clinique.comClinique Blushwear Cream blush sticks for $18.50 per stick (available in 5 shades).

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