Fall 2008: Embracing the Dark Lip Trend, Part 1

by Bionic Beauty on 11.Sep.2008 · 8 comments

By now, you’ve probably heard of the fall trend for lip color… DARK. The darker, the better. Runways and fashion magazines show models sporting black lips. While it’s flattering on them, us mere mortals would have a difficult time pulling it off.

To help with the dilemma, I sat down with a multitude of lipsticks, glosses, pencils and stains, to sort out what’s wearable, what’s on trend, and what they actually look like ON your lips. I found that I simply loved the dark lip colors, as long as I found the right one with my skin tone and hair color. They were dramatic and just really, fun. I was having a ball walking around the house in all the different looks.

I also topped a few of the sticks and liners with various glosses and am posting those pictures as well. Of course, the combinations are endless. There’s certainly an option that would work for everyone. Since I tested soooo many, I’m splitting this post into a 3 part series, so check back next Thursday!

Without further delay… here are the photos…(drumroll, please!):

NARS Cosmetics’ Porte Vecchio lipstick is a sheer burgundy with a warm brown base. This is a great neutral option if your skin is sometimes tinged pink and sometimes seems olive (that’s me to a T!). As you can see, it’s actually very sheer, but you can layer it if you’d like to pump up the color. This color has been buzzed about by beauty blogger’s as an easy way to follow this fall trend, so of course, I had to try it. Cost: $24.00 at Beauty.comNARS' lipstick in Porte Vecchio

In my photo below, I used Clinique’s Defining LinerShop Clinique defining liners for lips for Lips in Pomegranate. An excellent liner for most of these dark lips, this liner is very multi-purpose and soft. Cost: $14.00
NARS Cosmetics lipstick in Porte Vecchio

For the bargain shopper, be sure to check out Milani’s Velvet lipstick in Chic (#215). It’s a creamy, cool-toned magenta grape with full coverage, and a medium sheen. It smells amazing too! Applies nicely, I recommend using a lip liner with this one since it’s dark and full-coverage (the liner will help you color inside the lines). Cost: under $5 at your local drugstore.
Milani lipstick in Chic

Continue reading for a ton more options!…

Doubles lip gloss by Three Custom Color is one of my must-haves for everyone this season. This gloss is super gorgeous in color- a deep blackberry that’s rich and glossy. If you want to tone it down, blot a bit and your lips are stained; or use it to top another lip gloss to create depth (see my photos using Doubles below). Love it, love it… this is seriously one of the best glosses I’ve ever worn! It’s sheer enough to work for so many complexions! Cost: $18.50.
3 Custom Color lip gloss in Doubles

Three Custom Color makes superb lip liners that I find double as lip color. This is their liner in Cool Brown. While this color is not sheer, it’s a nice cool brown making it very wearable. I apply lip balm just before starting my other makeup application, and by the time I get to my lips, they are soft and ready for the liner. Top it with a gloss if you’d like shine, or leave it as is for a matte fall look. Cost: $14.00
Three Custom Color lip liner in Cool Brown

Here’s Three Custom’s Cool Brown lip liner topped with Doubles gloss.
Three Custom Lip Color

Burgundy is another winning lip liner from Three Custom Color that is PERFECT for this autumn. It’s a bright burgundy and can be topped with just about any shade of gloss to create gorgeous depth! Cost: $14.00
3 Custom color lip liner in Burgundy

Doubles gloss tops the Three Custom Burgundy lip liner in this photo…
Three Custom lip colors and gloss

**Hint, hint… you’ll have a chance to win your own set of these splendid Three Custom Color lip liners next week! 🙂 And, here’s an exclusive discount for Bionic Beauty readers…if you purchase anything from Three Custom Color’s online store through September 23rd, enter the color name of any Three Custom Color Specialists Lip Liner in the Customer Notes at checkout and receive it free of charge with your purchase!

Honorable Mentions that I didn’t have a chance to test…
PurMinerals Black Amethyst Shea Butter Lipstick (I really, really love the look of this one. It’s on my wish list!). Cost: $15.00.
Pur Minerals lipstick in Black Amethyst

theBalm’s Read My Lips lipstick in Smut (shimmery dark plum), Cost: $16.00 at Beauty.comtheBalm's lipstick in Smut.
theBalm's lipstick in Smut

Want a few more suggestions? Check out Mythbuster Beauty’s tips on the Fall 2008 lip looks and stay tuned for Part 2 of this series with even more lip colors to embrace the dark lip trend of Fall 2008. It’ll be published next Thursday (September 18th).

In the meantime, do you have a lip color you love and will be wearing this fall? Will you even try to wear the dark lips?


1 Jen September 11, 2008 at 4:31 pm

These dark lip looks are all stunning on you BB. I especially like them paired up with Doubles Lip Gloss.

So fabulous, cannot wait til your follow up posts!

2 Lydia September 18, 2008 at 10:53 am

Ooo the milani one is my favorite!

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