Did your favorite nail polish make Total Beauty’s list?

by Bionic Beauty on 03.Jul.2010 · 6 comments

It’s always fun for me to look at other people’s Top-Rated or Best-of lists whether they are beauty related or not. Maybe it’s one of my odd quirks, but I enjoy comparing what I think should have made the list, and what items make me go “hmmm”. Total Beauty recently indulged my quirkiness by releasing their “Top-Rated Nail Polish” list…

Top-Rated Nail Polishes

Total Beauty readers’ ratings make up this list of top-rated nail lacquers.

Top-Rated Nail Polishes

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I really have to disagree with some of their mentions. I like most all nail polish brands well-enough, especially if they have a unique color. However, Revlon coming in at seven was just bizarre to me. I always want to love their polish but every bottle I buy is too thick, and takes forever to dry… and yes, even if I apply a fast-dry topcoat it still takes forever and a day. I have tried thinning it too, but I really think nail polish formulas should come out ready-to-apply. I shouldn’t have to fiddle with a formula to make it work.

I agree with Essie at number 4, but Rimmel at number 3? Above Essie, really? Huh. And they left out a TON of my favorites- mainly Sally Hansen Salon, Color Club, and Rescue Beauty Lounge. I know RBL is pricey, but it’s really not much more than Lippmann (which Total Beauty does list).

So Bionic Beauties, which nail polish brands do you think got missed on this list? And which do you think Total Beauty totally flaked on by placing in their Top 10?


1 Becca July 3, 2010 at 9:26 am

I was also very surprised at this list… Sally Hanson is one of my favorite brands as well, and almost all of their formulations are great! I still can’t believe not one kind made it up there! Other favorite brands of mine are OPI, china glaze, and Essie, which made it to the list (thank goodness!). Many of the brands up there that I’ve tried, however, do not meet most of the criteria they listed at the beginning. I have the same problem as you with the Revlon. I also find it happens with the Wet n Wild and Maybelline polishes after I’ve had the bottle a few weeks. The formulas are so thick, it makes me not want to polish my nails (which is saying quite a lot because I love doing my nails!!). I haven’t tried Rimmel polish, but I’m not sure that I would just because the list doesn’t seem to be very accurate. (Anyone had luck with Rimmel?) It seems like the list of polishes was influenced by “value” quite a bit. For me though, if the polish isn’t up to my standards, it doesn’t matter how cheap it is… I’d rather spend a few bucks more on something that works! By the way I just took a look at my collection of polishes… Nearly all of them are Sally Hanson! Diamond Strength, Insta-Dry, Salon, Hard as Nails…. the list goes on!

2 Tashi July 3, 2010 at 9:33 am

I’m far from the nail polish connoisseur that you are, but I have always liked some of Cover Girl’s Nail Slicks, and some shades by OPI as well. I do have two bottles of China Glaze, which I like very much. I don’t paint my nails often, though. I agree with Jami, that polish shouldn’t take forever to dry, and shouldn’t have to be fiddled with to do the job it should right out of the bottle (with the usual standard aid of top and bottom coats). I’d add, that I hate polishes that require more than two coats in order to become opaque, and those which streak.

3 Bionic Beauty July 3, 2010 at 1:32 pm

Becca, I like OPI, China Glaze and essie as well. Have you tried the new Sally Hansen Complete Salon polish? It ROCKS! I think TB’s list was influenced by “something” although I’m not sure what. I agree with you about Maybelline and Wet n Wild nail polishes. I really should get rid of the few of those that I have. I never use them because they are such a freakin’ pain! However, Sinful Colors (available at most Walgreens for $2.49) are pretty nice and certainly MUCH nicer than many of the cheaper varieties TB listed. I think I have about 10 Sinful Colors polishes now and really enjoy using them. They have some neat “Special Effect” top coat type polishes too. 🙂

Tashi, I also agree with you that out of most of the drugstore brands (Sally Hansen being the exception) that CG has the next best polish. i don’t have too many of theirs, but they always seem like a reliable formula. Oh, and since you’re a Sally Beauty Supply gal like me, some of their Sally Girl polish minis are FUN! I have their Glow in the Dark top coat and use it over any other color for Halloween or even just for fun at home!


4 ROBYN @HAWAII July 3, 2010 at 6:20 pm


5 Denise July 5, 2010 at 8:41 pm

I have to say that I can’t tell a whole lot of difference in nail polishes when they are new. Except: I do not like Maybelline Express Finish (or whatever it’s called). Total Beauty ranked it number 6 or something, but it is the only polish I have ever had a problem with (and with more than one shade/bottle). I find that the color is too transparent or something because after 2 coats I still have streaky, lined nails where you can see through the color in some spots. And I’ve never had this trouble before. It does dry quick, but who cares if it’s going to look so bad? I will not be buying any more of this kind. Too bad, because I love the colors I have in this brand!

And I really like Out the Door top coat. Not that you asked, just sayin’…

6 Bionic Beauty July 14, 2010 at 7:43 pm

Denise, I ADORE the Out the Door top coat too. It’s my favorite! Have you tried Launchpad basecoat? I usually use Sticky by CND, but Launchpad is the best thing EVER!!! It’s a bit expensive, but I just use it on special occasions when i really want my manicure to last. 🙂

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