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by Bionic Beauty on 14.Aug.2010

Some women with straight hair spend time lusting for waves and curls; while some curly ladies flat-iron their waves daily. If you’re looking for the best wave and curl hair styles for your face shape- don’t miss Total Beauty’s new feature. It provides some helpful tips, even if you only use them for “dress up” days.
What Curly Hairdos Look Best on Your Face Shape?

See which celeb that shares your face shape rocks the best ‘do for you to try

What Curly Hairdos Look Best on Your Face Shape?

This is a celebrity hairstyles article

Do you want to wear a sexy, curly hairstyle, but not sure which one is right for you? These celeb-inspired ‘dos will guide you to the best curly hairstyle for your face shape.

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As for this part…

“You see, we know you’ve had visions of yourself strutting down the street — Manolo-clad — to the jazzy saxophone stylings of the “Sex and the City” theme song, as your volume-full ringlets effortlessly bounce to the tune.”

Umm… Sorry, but I’ve never imagined myself doing that. If I had the money for Manolo’s, I certainly would be spending it on a new geek-gadget instead. But that’s just me. I certainly can’t deny another Bionic Beauty her love of shoes!

My face shape is definitely round, so Total Beauty recommended the “Curly Ponytail” for moi. However, in my personal experience, as long as I add some height to the top of any curled-hairstyles I attempt, it usually works out just peachy.

What were your results?

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