It’s good to be a Wallflower. Really!

by Bionic Beauty on 02.Dec.2008 · 2 comments

This season’s answer to a slight wash of matte color across the cheekbones…Three Custom Color Watercolours for cheeks in Wallflower.
Three Custom Color Watercolours for cheeks in Wallflower

Wallflower is a nude brown in a creamy formula. Lightly pull your fingers across the compact to load them with color. Blend across your cheek bones or hollows to define. I’ve also used Wallflower on my eyelids after priming them with concealer. And then on my lips for a monochromatic look. Simple and chic.

I have to make a note about Three Custom Color’s packaging… all their products have such sturdy yet classy packaging. I’ve dropped my lip gloss from them- no damage. I (accidentally, I swear!) chucked my Wallflower blush off the table onto the tile flower (Gasp!)– all fine. And to boot, the Watercolours compacts have round mirrors in the flip-up lid. So great for touchups on the go!

The only con I found in this particular color of Watercolours is it will probably work better for pale to medium skin tones. Since this color is pretty light and sheer, darker skin tones should pick a deeper shade from Three Custom’s selection.

Wallflower and the other Watercolours for cheeks (choose from 5 shades) are available at for $20.50.

For tips on using Wallflower to get this season’s latest makeup trends, don’t miss Bionic Beauty’s interview with famous makeup artist Chad (co-founder of Three Custom Color).

Photograph is the copyright of Three Custom Color.

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