Halloween Idea: Nature Fairy Look

by Bionic Beauty on 20.Oct.2008 · 3 comments

Continuing my Halloween makeup series… I created this look on a whim. And that’s pretty much what it is… whimsical. 🙂 Many years ago, I was Poison Ivy (from Batman) for Halloween and did a look similar to this. It’s adaptable for all sorts of costumes- fairies, princesses (use pinks and blues with no vines and more glitter!)- only limited by your imagination.
I just used colors I had on hand, so switch in whatever you have in your collection. The vines could be brown with orange, black, yellow and purple flowers for a “Autumn Princess”. You get the idea. Just do what you like.

Click the photographs to see a larger version (opens in a new tab/window).

The finished look - Nature Fairy for Halloween

For more photos and the full tutorial, makeup colors used, continue readin’…

The goal behind this look was a sort of “dirty” natural. Like an elf who had been playing in the forest all day. So I chose my makeup colors and application techniques to suit that. Don’t be too perfect with this look. It works out better if you are free and quick. Let the glitter fall where it may!

Here’s a list of the makeup I used. In the photo, I numbered some of eyeshadows so I can refer to them below during the tutorial.

Makeup used to create Fairy look for Halloween

Blush: Clinique’s Blushwear Cream Stick in 06 Very BlushShop Clinique's new cream blush stick. It’s a gorgeous matte color. Perfect for fall. The application is just amazing as well. Super blendable and highly pigmented, so this stick will last me a looooong time!

Lips: L’Oreal HIP’s lipstick in GutsyL'Oreal HIP lipstick in Gutsy at Drugstore.com (or your local drugstore). A brown with slight shimmer. Another great fall color.

Eyes and Face Art: Milani’s eyeliner in Antique GreenMilani eye liner at Drugstore.com, Nixie Professional eye shadows (but just use what ever colors you prefer, I just had these on hand and knew they were highly pigmented, so they’d show up well). Not pictured… (sorry ladies…) L’Oreal’s HIP eye shadow pigment in TenanciousL'Oreal HIP eye shadow pigment in Tenancious. This color is an extremely glitter copper color. So pick any copper, bronze neutral type shade. Just pack on the glitter factor.

Brushes: Of course a brow brush to groom (mine is by Sonia Kashuk), a small smudge brush (tiny, tightly packed bristles) and a slightly larger (but still small) eye shadow brush). I think these are both by L’Oreal. Just any cheapy is fine for Halloween makeup.

Close up of Fairy Eye makeup - eye closed

First off, I applied the HIP shadow pigment in Tenancious with the small eyeshadow brush (again, any copper or bronze shade will work) across my entire lid, up to the eye brow, under the eye (don’t be too neat) and outward toward my temples.

Next I lined upper and lower lash line with the Antique Green liner.

Close up of Makeup for Fairy Halloween look

Continue to use the green eye liner to draw vines and flower stems flowing out from your eye. Throw in some twists and branches. I also made a few leaves by drawing hearts close to the stems.
Keep going til your hearts content. Be sure to leave at least 3 stems “open ended”- this is where you’ll add your flowers in a bit.

Then I added 4 dots of eyeliner right by my outer eye corner. Two above and two below the vine/stem.

Finally it’s time to add the flowers…

Side view of flowers and vines for Nature Fairy halloween look

Using the small smudge brush, load your brush up with the white color (color 2) and place white dots at the ends of each of your stems or any place you want a flower. Be sure to reload your brush with white after placing each dot. You want the white to really “pop”.

Using the small shadow brush, apply white shimmery eye shadow (number 2 in the photo) to the inner corners of eyes. Blend it out a bit.

Pick up the smudge brush again, and dab it into your first flower color. I’ll be using a deep matte purple (color 4 in photo above). Dab the brush around your white flower center, creating 5 petals. Reload your brush as needed and really press the color into your skin.

Wipe the color off the brush with a tissue and repeat with your remaining colors. I used a bright matte pink (color 3) and a fluorescent lime green (color 5).

For the final art step, fill in your “leaves” (the hearts you drew previously) with a deep green color (color 1).

Finish your face with a matte blush on cheeks (you can be a little heavy handed here, it IS Halloween after all). Add some blush to your chin and forehead as well. Remember, we are going for that “I frolicked in the forest all day” look. Lips get a coat of L’Oreal HIP lipstick in Gutsy (or similar deep brown lipstick).

What costumes could you use a similar look for? Have you ever created anything like this for Halloween?

Happy Hauntings!


1 joycey couture October 20, 2008 at 7:53 pm

Very cool! I might just have to use this idea… 🙂 Love it! Thanks BB!!

2 mishu November 12, 2010 at 9:10 am


3 Bionic Beauty November 12, 2010 at 1:17 pm

Dear Mishu,
Just because you feel anonymous on the internet (which none of us truly are due to IP addresses), it doesn’t give you the justification to be mean. I am fine with constructive criticism and realize that not every look is for everyone, but just saying “Ugly…” makes you an ugly person. And we have plenty of those in this world – and there is certainly no room for them on my blog. Bionic Beauty is about Powerful Beauty and learning to have self-esteem and loving yourself. You can’t embrace your own self-confidence until you know yourself.

Stop lashing out, post constructively, and give solutions if you think something should be improved upon. How would you improve this look? Which products would you use? And would you please post a photograph representing a Nature Fairy Look for fellow Bionic Beauties to use next Halloween? That way we can see your detailed makeup artist skills and work those into our own repertoire.


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