Halo Illuminating Hair Care Reviewed

by Bionic Beauty on 02.Nov.2008 · 2 comments

halo haircare shampoo and conditionerOn a shopping trip to my local Beauty First store, I picked up a trial set (2.1 fl oz bottles) of Halo’s Illuminating Color Protection Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner. (Yes, I am a sucker for trying new hair care lines.)

I enjoyed the scent of these hair care products, which is why I picked them up after a sniff test. They both smell tropical with a hint of coconut. It’s lovely on your hair! However the scent fades pretty quickly.

Performance wise, I must say they are lacking. I did notice that they kept my colored hair from fading rapidly, but that’s where it ended for me. My scalp was clogged after only one day. There was no way I could get a second day without washing my hair again. I was an oily mess. Since my hair and scalp can be a bit dry, I was pretty surprised. It was so bad, that if I scratched my head, my nails came away with gunk underneath them (gross, I know, but I’m being honest here…).

My hair was also dull, lifeless, and hard to style. But, the products do smell nice.

Halo’s products are available in spas and salons (locate your local salon retailer here). There are other varieties available: Hydrating, Curl, Volumizing, Reparative, and Purity. Maybe some of the other versions would work better for my hair

Photo copyrighted by Halo Haircare.


1 The Cheap Chick November 3, 2008 at 5:57 pm

What is with us and hair care? It’s a sickness, I swear.

2 Adrian May 13, 2011 at 4:33 pm

I absolutely love this product…I can’t say I agree with the reviewer’s claims about this product, my results were exactly the opposite in most respects. It smells awesome, not at all like coconut, the scent lasts me for the whole day. My hair was shiny, smooth, silky and it helped keep a style just fine. I can go for two days without a wash, and had no build-up on my scalp or hair. It rinsed clean and I snag this brand every time I can find it.

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