Happy 2008 And News From Bionic Beauty

by Bionic Beauty on 01.Jan.2008 · 1 comment

Happy New Year to all my Bionic Beauty readers out there! We are scattered across the globe yet have these wonderful blogs to help us keep in touch and share tidbits of life. Isn’t it grand?!

Bionic Beauty has many exciting things planned for 2008. Here’s a few I can let you in on…

  • A new guest blogger, Joycey Couture. She’ll be helping me review items (’cause remember, all the items you see reviewed on here, are personally and thoroughly tested by me, and I guess I can’t keep up <grin>), posting some makeup tips, beauty news and the like. Welcome Joycey!
  • Some new giveaways that I’m hoping to do on a monthly basis. If there’s anyone out there who would like to sponsor one, please touch base with me. 😀
  • Exclusive interviews with beauty and women’s industry professionals. People you admire, maybe people you haven’t heard of, and maybe people you should listen to.
  • Guest posts… by you! If you are interested in doing one, I would *love* to hear from you. You can use the contact form to let me know your general topic idea and a time frame and I’ll be in touch. Guest posters will get a byline (including a link to your personal blog/profile/page/you choose) and a big thank you for yours truly. Who wants in???
  • Of course, I’ll be bringing you the typical free samples I’ve dug up, honest and accurate product reviews, shopping discounts, news bits and the like.
  • There is also a big launch planned, but I can’t reveal too many details now. I’ll be holding a nice contest along with it. So get your creative sides ready. I’ll have more details soon, I promise!

As for my resolutions, I always try to make them about being a better person or improving my lifestyle. In these past few years, I’ve found that it’s sooooo much easier to be happy with my body than to fight it. Yes, I have curves. And yes, I’m darn proud of them! So, my resolution is more towards this blog (last year’s was to floss daily, and I made it!). I want to develop Bionic Beauty into a community for us to comment, share, chat, whatever. So please let me know how I can make it easier for you to be involved.

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1 Jen January 1, 2008 at 5:49 pm

Yeah! What a great way to start 2008! Keep up the great work.

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