Breaking News: Herbaria Soaps opens retail location!

by Bionic Beauty on 10.Aug.2009 · 1 comment

Herbaria Soaps opens retail store in St. Louis Missouri

Herbaria Soaps' opens a retail store location!

You can still shop for your favorite Herbaria Soaps online at, but now you can visit their brand new store in St. Louis, Missouri! Located in the popular district “The Hill” of the Lou, you can make arrangements for a group tour, or just shop for all your favorite all-natural and hand made soaps. While you’re there, grab me a few bars!

Looking for which bars to try first?

My favorites are Ginger Neem (Neem oil is incredibly good for your skin), Eucalyptus Mint (Perfect for opening nasal passages when you have a cold or during the summer and need a quick skin refresher), Lime Coconut Aloe (I’m a total sucker for anything coconutty), Jojoba Shampoo bar (my dogs love this one too!), Rose Geranium (it’s so incredibly soft due to the packed in Kaolin Clay), and Tea Tree Green Tea (also great as an acne face wash due to its natural anti-bacterial properties). Those are my personal faves.

I promise that if you try Herbaria, you’ll be hooked. You have been warned. I usually buy gift packs for my family over the holidays. Everyone loves them and can’t wait for the next pack to arrive! Herbaria bars last even longer than your standard bar soap. So many natural soaps melt away within a few days of opening. But Herbaria’s just last and last making them better bang for your buck.

Ready for even more big news? Herbaria has just released their brand new “Shaw’s Garden” soap bar! It’s a vibrant bar: peppery, exotic, herbaceous. The world-famous Missouri Botanical Garden asked Herbaria to create this soap for its 150th anniversary being celebrated in 2009.

If you’re in the St. Louis area stop by and visit Ken and LaRee, and if you’re not, just shop online.

Here’s the new store address:
Herbaria Soap
2016 Marconi Ave
St Louis, MO 63110

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