I Love My PedEgg Pedicure File!

by Bionic Beauty on 04.Jun.2008 · 28 comments

Ped Egg Pedicure file
I’m a gadget-girl and am thrilled when I can combine my love of gadgets and beauty products. When I noticed the new PedEgg at my local Walgreens, I grabbed one without thought. Heck, I certainly needed to get my feet into shape for summer, right? So, I’ll give this a shot.

I adore this pedicure file. It’s an oblong-egg shape which prevents my hands from cramping up while I buff away calluses on my feet. It comes with one file (i.e. blade), the “egg” holder and cover, as well as two sandpaper buffers for finish smoothing work.

Simply use the blade file to gently shave off your rough calluses and then finish with the paper buffer to really smooth your skin. After that I follow up with a moisturizing body balm or butter. When you are all finished, grab the blade to remove it, and dump the skin flakes into your trash.

Ta-Da! Perfect feet for summer! I’m using my PedEgg weekly and will probably need a replacement blade soon. But I have gotten 3 months of use out of the first blade!

You can purchase the PedEgg Pro Pedicure Foot FilePed Egg Pedicure file from Drugstore.com for $9.99 or check your favorite local brick and mortar drugstore.

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