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by Bionic Beauty on 22.May.2009 · 1 comment

Bionic Beauty interviews Lindsay Phillips, creator and founder of SwitchFlopsEarlier this week, I posted my thoughts and excitement over my new SwitchFlops. This Friday, the founder of SwitchFlops joins Bionic Beauty for an in-depth interview and Powerful Beauty segment. Lindsay gives us a behind-the-scenes look at how she came up with her brilliant product, her shoe-loving background, and the trials of starting your own business.

Were you a shoe fanatic before you came up with the idea of Switchflops?

Of course! I have always been a believer that shoes can make or break an outfit!  However, I have always been more of a flip-flop fanatic than anything else. I am only 5’1 but believe it or not I feel more comfortable in a basic flop than anytwohing else. I am a beach girl at heart!

What was your inspiration?

SwitchFlops evolved from a pair of ceramic sandals I created for an art design class (see photo of Lindsay and her artwork). There was an amazing response by family and friends to these flip-flops adorned by a variety of fun, Florida fare including sunglasses, palm trees and tropical fish. Everyone wanted to buy a pair and was disappointed to discover the shoes were not functional. I began designing flip-flops with colorful straps and fanciful buttons. After stumbling on the concept of using Velcro to create an interchangeable strap, SwitchFlops were born!

From idea to conception of Switchflops, how long was the development process?

The idea was born in 2002 . The patent was granted in 2004. In 2005 the search for manufacturing began. At the end of 2006 we placed our first order and in January 2007 we launched the product at Surf Expo, which happened to be our first tradeshow. It has been a fun and fast 7 years. Like anything in life it just takes time!

What would you say is the biggest challenge of following your dream idea?

Wow!! This is a hard question. Every step along the way seems like the biggest challenge. However looking back I think the hardest challenge was finding a manufacturer. Not having been in the business before it seemed like an insurmountable task!

Your styles have names like “Alyssa” and “Heidi”. Are they named after friends, family or ideas/history that a certain name evokes?

Yes! The straps and shoes are named after family, friends and influential woman in my life.  I really enjoy doing this and it is fun to match the personalities of all the women to the straps and shoes. We have a patriotic collection arriving at the end of May and two of the straps are named after two great American women. The first is Betsy Ross who was the creator of the American flag and the second is Martha Washington who was our first lady. Girl power!

How do you achieve Powerful Beauty during your incredibly busy life?

I try to stay as active as I possibly can. During the week I try to workout every day. Even if it is just a quick walk outside it tends to be very therapeutic and relaxing. Recently, I have grown to love pilates.

I am also a huge believer in moisturizing, moisturizing, and more moisturizing! I live in Florida so I really pay attention to my skin.  I always wash my face in the morning and night and apply crème nutrivital cream by Collin G.M. and top it off with some SPF 30 by DDF. I never go outside without sunscreen on. My husband calls me the “Lotion Queen” but he is going to thank me 30 years from now! Also, I tend to have constant chapped lips but last week I discovered this great product called Jane Iredale “Lip Drink” that keeps my lips smooth…thank you Jane! Every once in a while every girl should have a facial.

Thank you Lindsay for contributing such an entertaining interview. I’m sure all the Bionic Beauties out there are impressed by your ideas and artistic nature… keep slathering on that lotion! I’m the exact same way!

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1 Talia Phillips May 23, 2009 at 1:38 am

I had never heard of switch flops before, they are so cool! What a great idea, it’s like having a bunch of shoes but only having to pay for one 🙂

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