Bionic interviews skincare expert Danuta Mieloch

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Danuta Mieloch is a well known esthetician and skin care guru; respected equally by her clients and industry peers. There’s a two month waiting list to see her. So you can imagine that it’s quite exciting to get some time with Danuta and pick her brain about skin care!

Before we dig into the Q’s and A’s, I’ll start with some background on Danuta…

“In 1994, Danuta Mieloch left her native Poland for New York City with nothing more than twenty dollars and a nursing degree.”

Did you know that in Poland, esthetician’s attend nursing school and then continue their education by working alongside dermatologists? If we had more esthetician’s like Danuta in the United States maybe we could dispel some of the absurd skin care misconceptions!
Bionic Beauty interviews skin care expert Danuta Mieloch for tips and tricks on caring for your skin
Danuta now has over 20 years of experience at top spas in New York City and Paris; she’s garnered a wealth of knowledge about preventative beauty routines and a vast understanding of skin type and active ingredients. She combines her knowledge and training with passion! She approaches every client – whether they’re a visiting celebrity or a college student – with energy and excitement. In the time it takes her to give a facial, she turns a one-time customer into a devoted client by showing them that beautiful skin is a matter of choice, not chance. She educates her clients on the importance of building a proper skincare regimen and  will explain what each mask, serum, and cleanser is doing to combat your skin’s issues.

Bionic Beauty: Knowledge is power; but the wrong, or misinformed knowledge, can be dangerous and misleading. What common skin care misconceptions and myths do see floating around the web and in magazines?
Danuta Mieloch: When it is said that pores can be opened or closed it is actually a myth. You can tighten the skin around the pores but not change the size of an actual pore itself.

Another common misconception is that there are definite skin types. Skin is a constantly changing organ; depending on weather, hormonal changes, day, night, etc.

BB: There is an ever-growing debate on whether parabens are fine in our skin care or something to be avoided. It seems everyone has an opinion. What is your stance on this issue?

DM: I have a less is more philosophy. Good skincare doesn’t need to have a ton of chemicals in it to work properly, while at the same time it doesn’t have to be 100% organic because (it) may not be active enough.

BB: Summer is quickly approaching and hence, Bionic Beauty readers are going to be outdoors more. Besides sunscreen, what should we be doing to “save our skin”?
DM: Big hats, sunglasses, staying in the shade, not exposing yourself to the sun during the middle of the day when the sun is the most damaging, drinking enough water and staying hydrated, higher SPF’s.

BB: And lastly, Bionic Beauty’s motto is Achieve Powerful Beauty. How do you define Powerful Beauty?
DM: Confidence, basic skincare, keep learning and smiling!

For those Bionic Beauty readers located in the Philly area, you are in luck! Danuta is in your neighborhood. You can find her at Rescue Rittenhouse Spa, Philadelphia, PA. I’d love to hear about your experience if you go!

And for the rest of USA Bionic Beauties, you can get a free skin care phone consultation with one of Rescue’s estheticians. They are all trained by Danuta and can help you pick which skin care products (available in their online shop), and which ingredients, will work to improve your skin. You can call them at (215) 772-2766.

Thank you Danuta, for taking the time to help educate all of us!


1 Tashi May 13, 2010 at 3:44 pm

What a super article. I actually learned a few things about skincare — always good! I loved her tips at the end. I’m a baseball hat-wearing freak in the summer, and I drink rivers of Aquafina (errr, not always good, LOL). And her story?? Wow. 😀 I’m thrilled for Danuta that she came here, realizing the American Dream! AND for helping folks have fabulous skin. Now, if she only made housecalls to other states….

Continued luck and prosperity to her.

2 Javi @ professional beauty products May 17, 2010 at 7:57 am

Great interview. Since I work in the beauty products field, I´m always searching for informations about the topic. Danuta Mieloch is an authority in this topic and her opinions are worth it to read. Thank you for sharing her thoughts here.

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