Intro to Oils for Your Face and 11 New Skincare Oils

by Bionic Beauty on 19.May.2013 · 1 comment

If you’ve been sleeping constantly, or slightly out of the beauty news loop, you may not have heard about the latest facial skincare “trend”: oils.  No longer do we run from oil, screaming like a banshee, while imagining zits exploding on our face. No.  As most of us know, that silly old wives’ tale about oil making you break out is FALSE. In fact, there are many (but not all) oils that are awesome for your face, and can even help clear up troubled skin!

For those Bionic Beauties who are just learning about skincare oils, below is a super helpful article from Total Beauty which outlines some benefits and some of the newest product releases…

11 Best New Beauty Oils 

These new picks will motivate you to use oils in every step of your beauty routine

11 Best New Beauty Oils 

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Remember when we wanted everything in our beauty regimen to be oil-free? Well, those days are long gone. From nail care to hair color, every beauty category is experiencing an oilboom. Why? Oils are not only moisturizing and nurturing, but they’re also loaded with antioxidants. We tried dozens of the newest oils and came up with an entire beauty routine that is oil-based. Click ahead to see how beauty oils can beautify you from head to toe. 

See oils  

Stay tuned for my upcoming article covering an intro to oils, fun facts, myths, and how to use oils easily, and inexpensively, in your skincare routine!  In the meantime, feel free to ask any oily Q’s below.

Here’s to skincare smarts and oily mythbusting,
Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Beauty blog

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