Bionic’s Night Out: MAC Pro grand opening, Typography body paint exhibit

by Bionic Beauty on 13.Mar.2010 · 2 comments

Thursday night I had the opportunity to attend the grand opening of the new MAC Pro store in Miami Beach and of course, I took photos as quick as I could snap the shutter button.

MAC Pro store grand opening in Miami Beach, Florida

The new MAC Pro store in Miami Beach

The store design was incredible! Rough-hewn wood floors; sleek black table tops that sat on repurposed timber legs and frames; strings of modern lighting; shelves & displays of so much makeup my entire savings could have been blown in under an hour. The back wall of the store was definitely the focal point- jars of “paints” in every imaginable shade hovering on translucent shelves. Color is definitely IT for Spring 2010, ladies!

MAC makeup, store displays, and new products for 2010 - MAC Pro Makeup Event

After oogling the store for a bit, we headed upstairs to the seventh floor of a parking garage. A parking garage doesn’t sound glamorous, but it can be quite cool when done correctly- combines a feeling of inside and outdoors, industrial decor, and most importantly plenty of room!

The MAC peeps had told me the exhibit centered around typography, MAC’s new acrylic makeup paints, and nude models. My love of font design combined with makeup??? Woo hoo!

Typography body painting exhibit at the Miami Beach MAC Pro store

Typography theme at the MAC Pro Event

Jami’s note: I’ve cropped and/or blurred some of the photos for display here on Bionic Beauty. If you’d like to see the full artistic works (artistic nudity involved, you’ve been warned), mosey on over to my Picasa Album.

Little did I know that the eye-candy had just begun…

White MAC body paint with black front lettering - MAC Pro Makeup Event

White and black body paint - block lettering

The Makeup Artists arrived at 7:30am and worked all day, yet they were still full of energy when I arrived twelve hours later!

Colorful numbers and bodies at MAC Pro Store exhibit in Miami Beach

Colorful models and numbers

Model in white and black body paint - foreign languages and words - MAC Pro Makeup Event

Foreign languages...

All of the model’s were painted using MAC’s new acrylic paints. Some used the acrylics diluted so they could be airbrushed, others used stencils, and nearly all had elements painted by hand. Some of the artists incorporated stickers, stamps, displays, black lights, hair extensions, and even a rotating platform.

Type Design under black lights - MAC Pro Makeup Event

This looked STUNNING in the blacklights, unfortunately I had to use a flash to capture the makeup.

In short, the body painting was exquisite. Each model had at least four makeup artists working on them!

This guy balanced as long as he could on one foot. He’d switch back and forth, of course; but he had my respect for having the hardest position to hold.

Colorful lettering, various fonts, bright hair extensions - MAC Pro Makeup Event

I love the color, the font variety, the hair - basically everything.

Even though we were in Miami and it was warm, the ocean “breeze” was like a gale-force wind. Models tried to hide their shivering, and hair (mine included) was flying everywhere. (I knew I should have packed a barrette!) It also made it quite hard to get a steady shot.

“In and Out”
This was my favorite and the hardest to catch on film. The platform was slowly rotating (see my video below) and demonstrated the duality of our recent culture. One side showed words that have fallen out of vogue, and the other had verbiage that is now “on trend”.

In and Out - words that are in vogue and others that have fallen out of fashion - MAC Pro Makeup Event

"In and Out" - our culture of words

“Anyone who has never made a mistake, has never tried anything new.”

Anyone who has never made a mistake, has never tried anything new - MAC Pro Makeup Event

This model was simply gorgeous, and the message is perfect!

Anyone who has never made a mistake, has never tried anything new- MAC Pro Makeup Event

A bit clearer shot of the paint-work artistry that went on this model.

Touch up time! Some of the googley-eyes had popped off.

MAC Makeup Artists touch up models at the Miami Beach Pro event

Keri and another MAC artist work their magic

Me, two models, and MAC Makeup Artist Keri…

Jami aka Bionic Beauty, two models, and MAC Makeup Artist Keri

Me looking windblow... oh who am I kidding? No one is looking at me in this picture. *wink*

Here’s a very short video of some of the action at the exhibit…

The new MAC Pro store is located at 1111 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL. Stop by if you’re in the area!


1 Tattoo Flash Art August 10, 2010 at 8:22 pm


I hadn’t seen this type of body art before. I really like the “Anyone who has never made a mistake, has never tried anything new ” art and the “Foreign languages” work. Very interesting!

Thank you for the post and all the great pictures (and vid). 🙂

2 Bionic Beauty August 24, 2010 at 12:34 pm

Thanks for the compliments on my article and coverage. I really had a grand time experiencing this store opening, the artistic aspects and meeting fellow makeup artists. There was a LOT of talent walking around that night. I felt honored to be there!

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