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The Beauty Ideal magazine

I was asked to contribute to October’s edition of  The Beauty Ideal. The “theme” for this month’s magazine was makeup and skincare that works for every woman, skin tone, color, etc. So I pulled up all my favorite products that will enhance your natural beauty no matter what type of gal you are.

Products That Work For Every Woman!

There are some items, no matter what your skin tone, that a woman should have in her cosmetics arsenal. When searching out items like these, it’s best to think of neutral tones. Take your cue from what nature gave you and work with it. Enhancing your natural tones will make you look awake, pulled together, and you’ll probably save a bit of time in the mornings. The basic makeup and grooming products below will look amazing on every eye color, hair color and ethnicity; I promise!

Pick a neutral eye liner in a shade of black or brown.
Brown and black eyeliners work well with all eye colors, enhance the depth of your features and even create the illusion of thicker, fuller lashes.

My favorites include Jane’s gel eyeliners in Dark Brown or Black. You can find them for $5 at your local drugstore or mass market retailer. They perform just as well as the higher-end gel eyeliners. The brush that comes packaged with them allows you to draw an even, precise line, and these liners don’t smudge, drift or crease.

Jane Gel Eyeliners - Colors and formulas that work for every women

Gel eyeliners that work for everyone in both price and color!

For a higher end option, try Lancome’s Le Crayon Kohl in Black Coffee, which is a very dark brown. This liner is a traditional pencil formula but since it’s based on kohl, the pencil is super soft and won’t irritate or pull on sensitive eye skin. The color is simply gorgeous! You can smudge it for a smoky look or keep it precise for a clean eye-accent. $23 from Lancome USA.

A relative new comer to the scene and a very eco-friendly option, Pencil Me In eyeliners are all-natural and affordable. The cap even includes a built-in sharpener! Again, these pencils are kohl so they are super gentle. The wealth of color options is amazing, but to achieve a look that works for everyone, I suggest Brownie (a matte medium brown) or Char-Kohl (a slightly smoky black). If you’d like some glimmer to draw attention to your eyes, check out Jet Sparks (a deep black with shimmer) and Silk Suede (a neutral brown with glimmer). Pencil Me In liners can be found at for $6.99 and are worth every penny!

Natural colored eyeshadow doesn’t have to mean boring!

Think taupe, chocolate, and ivory… these hues are so versatile with every woman’s eye color. Ivory can be swept under the lower lash line, placed by the inner corner of the eye or used along the brow-bone for a highlight! Shades of brown can be blended or smudged into a wealth of colors and dimensions. Every girl should have a range of at least three neutral shadows in her makeup stash.

For a versatile palette, check out Spell Cosmetic’s Mineral Eyeshadows Kits. The Naked Eyes Trio with nearly nude shadows and the New Day Trio which just has a teensy bit more drama. Either would rock for all skin tones! These mineral shadows are highly pigmented, easy to apply, and are so finely milled they feel like cotton on your lids. Each trio is $17.00 at Spell Cosmetics (or pick and buy the colors separately for more options).

Highly pigmented and neutral shadows for all eye and skin colors by Spell Cosmetics

This neutral eye shadow palette is perfect for all eye colors (by Spell Cosmetics).

If you like multi-tasking products, be sure to take a peek at Spell’s Mineral Wet n’ Set. This product will make any of your mineral eyeshadows into liquid cream shadow for easy application or use it to create your own eyeliners! The Mineral Wet n’ Set is 15 bucks at Spell Cosmetics.
For a super simple day look, just use one of the shadows and sweep it across your lid. Use the Mineral Wet n Set (or similar product) to line your eyes in the same shade and you’ll have a lovely, accented monochromatic eye.

Mineral Wet n Set loose mineral liquifier by Spell Cosmetics

Want the ease and drama of wet mineral eyeshadows? Look no further!

Add depth and dimension with lip gloss and balms.
My Lip Stuff's tinted lip balm and gloss in Blackberry for a sheer wash of lip color
Tinted lip gloss for shine and just a hint of color works well on every lady. Plus with winter on the way, you get the added moisture packing benefits. Keep those lips from flaking and cracking while looking splendid!
I use My Lip Stuff’s Tinted Gloss in Blackberry. It’s delicious, very reasonably priced and is all natural. Natural lip products are such a bonus when you consider how much can creep into your mouth while eating and drinking. If Blackberry isn’t your favorite flavor, My Lip Stuff has 483 varities to choose from. Seriously-483 flavors! Each gloss runs $3.50.

Another great option are the balms from LanoLip. These balms are available in flavored and unflavored with some having the benefits of extra SPF. They are all-natural lanolin based balms making them good for your lips and they do extra-double duty as a shiny lip gloss! Wear it alone for medium shine or use it atop your favorite lip stain. Individual pots of LanoLip are $6.99 and gift sets are available for increased savings.

Or punch up your color a bit with a lip stain.
Lip stains are perfect for layering under clear lip balms and glosses. The color is typically long-wearing since it sinks into your lips’ skin. Believe it or not, Target stores (and their online website) offer quite a few lip stain options. If you’ve never experimented with a lip stain before, try one of these to see if you like the application and coloring. Remember, when applying a lip stain, start with a light coat. Let it settle and dry into your lips. Check the color in lighting. If you’d like a deeper color, apply another coat. This is what makes stains so appealing and functional for all women. If you apply multiple layers, there’s no “bunching” or feathering- just an increase in color. If you accidentally go overboard on the stain, use a cotton pad deeped in face toner or witch hazel to gently wipe away the excess.

More Bionic Suggestions:
Sonia Kashuk lip and cheek stain for $7.99 or the new NP Set by Napoleon Perdis Lip Stain and Plumper Collection for $15. Available at Target stores or online.

Long wearing lip stain by Sonia Kashuk gives you a sheer red tint perfect for day or night

This sheer red lip and cheek stain by Sonia Kashuk is a winner for all women!

Groomed brows are the instant facial pick-me-up.
It’s almost an instant eye lift. If you have time for nothing else, sit down and tweeze your eyebrows. Don’t make this the time for a drastic brow reshaping or alteration. Instead just clean up any stray hairs that are outside your main brow area. Give them a quick brush with a brow brush, and keep them in check with a dab of clear lip balm or clear mascara/brow gel. In need of brow maintenance goodies? Check out the all new line: The Model Brow. It’s just been launched and features some grand products and tools!

Simple, dazzling nails for everyone.
Jessica nail polish in Tinseltown - neutral sheer pink for all skin tones
In a hurry? Need a go-to nail polish for all the different skin tones in your family and friends? Manicures and pedicures are easy with the right color. Dress up your nails with Tinseltown polish by Jessica Cosmetics. Tinseltown is a gorgeous cool-toned translucent pink. The bottle looks very bubblegum pink, but once applied it’s very sheer. This color also makes an amazing top coat for french manicures! Jessica polishes are typically $6.50 at or check your local drugstores.

To simply add shine and let your natural healthy nail bed steal the show, apply your favorite clear top coat. My favorite is SecheVite. It’s typically a polish topcoat, but it works just as nicely as a clear gloss for your nails. Seche Vite is $7-8 at local salons or Sally Beauty Supply.

Do you have any secret products that would work for any skin tone, ethnicity, color?


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