Maybelline SuperStay Lip Colors Reviewed

by Bionic Beauty on 06.Sep.2008 · 2 comments

Maybelline Superstay lipcolorMaybelline SuperStay lipcolor
You all know how I am when I visit a drugstore… things seem to just jump into my hands. I can’t help it! Last week I picked up a Maybelline Superstay Lipcolor and a Maybelline Superstay Gloss.
I was anxious to try them out even though I’m typically not a fan of long-wear lipcolors (I still have bad nightmares about those clumpy dry sticks that came out years ago).

Anyhow, I gave them both a thorough check ride. The Lipcolor (which is billed as a “lipstick”) is not too drying and the topcoat balm was very nice actually. But the color itself was muddy and it did clump. And clumped badly. Ick.

The Gloss version applied pretty nicely and the color was a bit more pure (and less muddy). I liked the subtle shimmer, but the brush-on top coat gloss was super sticky and way too shiny for my tastes. It didn’t wear too well and when I reapplied the top coat it caused the color underneath to clump and bunch up on my lips.

All in all, not bad for a drugstore product, but I won’t repurchase. I’d rather reapply a regular lipstick or gloss every few hours than have clumpy, dry lips.

You can purchase Maybelline Superstay Lipcolor 16-Hour Color + Conditioning BalmMaybelline Superstay lipcolor from for $7.99.

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