Bionic Asks: What’s your morning skincare routine?

by Bionic Beauty on 26.Nov.2008

Last week in Bionic Asks, we talked about our before-bed skincare routines. This week, it’s time to share our wake-up routines!

Upon rising n’ shining, I grab a cup of coffee, let the dogs out to potty and then take a quick few minutes for myself.

Here’s my step by step morning regimen:

  1. Wash face with soft n’ fuzzy wash cloth and plain lukewarm water. Pat dry.
  2. If it’s super dry, I apply eye serum for day time (like during the winter). I’ve been using either Boots Restore & Renew or YBF’s Correct on a rotation basis.
  3. Spot treat any breakouts with benzoyl peroxide cream (I use 2.5% since it’s pretty gentle).
  4. Apply SPF lotion. Currently I’m really loving C.O. Bigelow’s Extra light oil-free face lotion with SPF 15.

Then it’s back to morning chores. Catching up on the blog, reading emails and my friends’ blogs before breakfast. If it’s a weekend or I’m headed out, I’ll put on my makeup after a quick breakfast.

What do you do to get your pretty face ready for the day? Do you use SPF everyday? Be a Bionic star and list your skincare steps below.
Bahamas sunrise photo by Bionic Beauty

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