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by Bionic Beauty on 03.Apr.2009

I had the amazing chance to interview Naomi Knights of ION Studio for Davines hair care recently. Since Naomi is the ultimate hair guru, I decided to quiz her on hair care for summer.

Hi Naomi, First off, I’d like to thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions and to share your knowledge and advice with the readers of Bionic Beauty!
Naomi Knights of Davines hair care

Bionic Beauty: Summer will be here before we know it. Do you have any hair care tips on your “must” list for women to help preserve their colored, highlighted or natural hair?

Naomi: Moisture, Nourishment and Protection are the key words for summer.

Be sure to use a Nourishing hair pak at least once a week if you are spending a lot of time in the sun. Nou Nou Pak or SU Pak from Davines are both great for restoring nourishment to the hair with powerful antioxidants. Remember the effects of Free Radicals are amplified during extreme season changes and Davines steming it’s research from skin care really focus’ on aniti aging for your hair too!

A protective barrier while you are in the sun, a silicone and oil based protective barriers like the Be-phase shelter spray and SU oil from Davines are great for protection because they create a film over your hair that not only gives shine and frizz control but that creates a barrier from the ocean and chlorine water, and also have UV filters in them to absorb the harmful rays of the Sun. I would like to remind your readers that your hair does not need an SPF… this stands for Skin Protection Factor, so a number doesn’t matter in hair what does matter is UV filters which can absorb both UVA and UVB which can be most harmful to color

Moisturize daily, your hair needs different things at different times due to the elements. You can wash daily with something like MoMo shampoo and conditioner but on the days you don’t wash the MoMo cream has a balance of all the key elements we’re talking about here and can be used on the days between washing for refreshing the hair

What’s your opinion on that old-timey philosophy that all women should lighten their hair a shade or two in the summer months?

I think this philosophy just follows nature. If you are going for a more natural look than certainly the hair looks better a little lighter, what I have a tendency to do for my clients who get all over color is as spring hits I will touch up the roots only and let the ends oxidize on their own so by the time summer hits the ends have a naturally lighter feel, this all depends of course on the type of color that you use. If I’m doing Highlights I will certainly brighten the blonde a little more or use less if not no low lights during the summer. The fact of the matter is that the color will lighten on it’s own anyway so why overwhelm the hair.

If you do color your hair for fun then that rule does not apply in my book, in those cases I sometimes even take you darker in the summer to allow it to lighten.

Post-summer, most of us experience some form of natural lightening in our locks. Even if we glue ourselves to our sunblock sprays and hats, it’s almost unavoidable with all the time outdoors. What do you recommend to get hair back in shape and looking polished?

Two key things post summer is a Detox treatment from your salon to remove any build-up on the hair and restore moisture as well as at home a good shampoo and conditioner with pigment in it will help restore any color lost.

Do you have any predictions for color or hair trends for Summer 2009?

I definitely see people coming in to accelerate the effect of summer and tipping their hair with lighter shades so that first day on the sand your hair looks like you’ve been at the beach all winter even if your pale skin gives you away!

And finally, since Bionic Beauty’s tagline and inspiration is to help women “Achieve Powerful Beauty”… how do *you* define or achieve Powerful Beauty in your life?

Remembering it’s more important what you feel about yourself than what anyone else does. Everyone comes to us looking for a makeover and I always tell my clients that I can do whatever I may “think” looks best on you but if you don’t feel it than it means nothing! Finding someone you trust to have a strong vision for color and shape but most importantly who understands you is the key…I work to reveal who we are, not who others perceive us to be.

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