New Sweaters at MyShape for Breast Cancer Awareness

by Bionic Beauty on 06.Oct.2007 · 2 comments (read Bionic’s blog post) is making a strong stand to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The online clothing shop will donate 10% of proceeds of sweaters purchased (through your MyShape Personal Shop) to the Dr. Susan Love Foundation.

Personally, I LOVE, love, love this sweater:
Laura Hansen's Pink Sleeveless Hoodie Sweater

is also donating $1.00 for every Personal clothing shop created during the month of October. (And remember, the MyShape’s style advice and creating your Personal Shop is FREE!)
Once you register for your Personal Shop, you’ll also get Free Shipping benefits.
There is really no downside and certainly no excuse to delay. MyShape takes the guesswork out of what will look good on your body type. Just think how easy it will be to send Aunt May-belle your Holiday wish list, with all the correct sizes and colors, and actually get the sweaters you’d wanted!


1 Sue October 10, 2007 at 10:19 am

Your blog’s informative is very rich in contents. I like your way of
presentation. At times I disagree with your views but thinking about it who
presents views that are acceptable to everyone. Keep posting your good

2 Bionic Beauty October 10, 2007 at 12:54 pm

Thanks Sue, for your great comment! And if we all agreed, then we’d have pretty boring discussions, right? 🙂

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