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by Bionic Beauty on 20.Oct.2009 · 2 comments

Just a bit of news from Bionic-land…

Bionic Goes Boom
Some of you may have seen on my friend Luci’s blog that I had a bit of an accident this past week and am in recovery mode. Things like this happen when you’re an extreme klutz like me! Because of my klutziness, I had to delay my appearance on the Here We Are radio show. Luci and I are rescheduling, and once we finalize a date I’ll post it. The radio show will discuss beauty products, blogging, and some of the business aspects of both!

Bionic Beauty goes boom and other blog news

Bionic Goes Boom!

Bronnie in the Palm Beach Post
Bionic Bronnie’s recent review of the DuWop iGels was picked up by the Palm Beach Post’s online website! Congrats Bronnie, and thanks again for being an amazing addition to the Bionic Beauty team.

I’m Moving!
This week I’m busy packing all my worldly possessions for my move on Friday. Lots of books, plants and orchids, holiday decorations, and 8 totes of beauty and makeup supplies.

I have a ton left to do; and hence, I’ll be a bit scarce online this week. Feel free to comment or email me as usual- just bear with me on the response time. I should be settled by the middle of next week.

The articles and reviews on Bionic Beauty will continue without interruption. However, due to the move and everything being packed, I need to delay this month’s Breast Cancer Awareness charity auction. The goal is to launch it next week sometime, but it may push to November. Even if our fundraising takes place in November instead of ‘pink ribbon’ October, the monies raised will still help!

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Stay Bionic,

Bionic Beauty


1 Yvonne Calderon October 20, 2009 at 11:55 am

Hi Jami-
Sorry to hear about your accident. Hope it is nothing too serious and you get better real soon.
Try not to get too exhausted with the move. Moving is alot of work!!!
Really enjoy the topics I’ve been reading on the site!!!!
Looking forward to the auction.

Take care!!!!


2 Stephanie C October 20, 2009 at 7:27 pm

Jami – feel better soon! Hope it is nothing that slows you down too much.
Good luck with the move

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