Packing My Makeup And Skincare: A Photo Story

by Bionic Beauty on 10.Jun.2008 · 14 comments

As I was attempting to squeeze all my skincare and beauty products into totes over the weekend, I decided to photograph this craziness and share it with my readers. Mostly it is lacking organization; as I was focused on “quick”. In these photos, you can see that I have filling-in to accomplish in order to prevent shifting/breakage.

I used plastic totes for the packaging (rather than cardboard boxes). If something breaks or leaks, I can easily rinse the product off the rest; but washing a brown shampoo or mineral blush out of clothing or bedding would not be fun (at least in my opinion, maybe someone would get a kick out of this…)

Here is my small tote FULL of freebies here on Bionic Beauty:
Sample Tote of freebies from Bionic Beauty

This is my daily makeup case. I use it to hold items that I use for everyday looks and things I need to have easy access to. I used packaging tape to tape across this top- creating a “lid” of sorts. Crumpled tissue paper fills in the open voids. Prior to taping, I removed the makeup I’ll need for the next two weeks into a train case by Lancome (Which is now crammed full as well. Hey, a girl needs options!):
Bionic Beauty's daily Makeup Case

My nail polish tote (yes, it’s an old old OLD style Caboodle makeup case) and my “extra” makeup case (it’s a fishing tackle box- very handy!). Do you see all the extras of my favorite mascara? (Click for a larger version.) :

Bionic Beauty packs her cosmetics - nail polish tote and extra makeup

I picked up 2 of these flat totes awhile back. This is one (the other is full of hair products and color). If you look carefully, you’ll see my Sally Hansen foot scrub, Herbaria soaps, Caress body wash, and some other favorites (Click for a larger version.):

Flat tote of skincare and body products

And here is the “big-boy”. It’s a 27 gallon tote. This photo shows it partially full. Whew… I don’t think you realize how much stuff there is to pack until you start going through it. Sunblocks, Green by Nature lotion, my PedEgg, previously mentioned nail polish tote, Lever soap, Astara masks, the current *organic* skincare lineup I’m testing (that’s what is in the cardboard USPS box) and so much more. (Click for a larger version.)

27 gallon tote of beauty products


1 Jamie June 10, 2008 at 12:38 pm

I love this post! It’s really fun to see how you stored everything!

2 Jen June 10, 2008 at 10:21 pm

This is so great to get a peek into your makeup stash! I spotted those 4 Physician’s Formula Mineral Wear Mascaras from a mile away! I also adore those Herbaria Soaps thanks to you.

Hope the move is going smoothly, and take care!

3 diana June 11, 2008 at 12:52 am

and I thought I had too many makeup products. My things doesn’t even compare to the amount of products you have. Thanks for sharing with us your make up stash.
P.S. I too, still use my old caboodle case to store some of makeup products. 🙂

4 Tammy M June 11, 2008 at 8:05 am

Wow! I really hate moving…although, it does give me a chance to weed out stuff that I don’t use/need/want…
I see you have the Milani Runway eyes…love them!

5 Victoria June 11, 2008 at 9:34 am

Way to stay organized. Moving not fun anyway you look at it but when your forced to go through things – it’s kinda fun! I know I always find products I forgot I had and then it feels like I bought something new.. Have a great move and be safe!

6 BionicBeauty June 11, 2008 at 10:25 am

Thanks everyone. It was actually pretty fun to pack my stuff up, but that is probably because I didn’t pack the rest of the house (we had a moving company do that). So this was my contribution (and packing my orchids).

We are in Florida now and getting settled in an apartment for a month. Just enjoying a few days of peace and quiet after 3 days on the road with all the critters. Everyone made the trip pretty well actually. Our new puppy is a little confused about why we keep packing him up and moving, but he should settle in the next few days.

Capt. Aubrey (my hedgehog) is enjoying the run of the second bathroom in the apartment. She was toodling all over the bathroom last night. 🙂

7 Nenette June 12, 2008 at 2:34 pm

OMG, you are my makeup moving idol! That was beautiful. 🙂
Wish I did all that instead of give away my beauty stuff when I moved back here from BC. Great story, and great to hear you’re getting settled. 🙂

8 jen June 12, 2008 at 9:10 pm

Oh my… what ever happened to Caboodles? Love the post. I have also found moving cosmetics to be a challenge. Next time I’ll follow your tips!

9 BionicBeauty June 13, 2008 at 7:28 am

Nenette, You gave it away? I wish I was there; but I guess I really don’t need anymore after looking at everything I have.

Jen, Welcome to Bionic Beauty! 🙂 I wonder about the Caboodles too, I see Target has some new versions occasionally, but they just don’t look anything like the old ones. I guess I’m a fan of the retro-boodle. HA! I crack myself up.

10 Feoneren July 30, 2008 at 6:22 am

I see you have the Milani Runway eyes…love them!

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