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Achieve Powerful Beauty with Bionic Beauty™
Happy Friday, Bionic Beauties! Licensed New York acupuncturist, and author, Aimee Raupp joins us for this week’s Powerful Beauty feature.

Aimee specializes in wide-variety of treatments with a focus on emotional and psychological disorders, reproductive health and gynecology as well as gastrointestinal disorders and facial rejuvenation acupuncture. You can read about Aimee’s background and her acupuncture practice at AimeeRaupp.com.

Now, let’s find out how Aimee defines Powerful Beauty…

Aimee Raupp shares her thoughts on Achieving Powerful Beauty with Bionic Beauty blog readers
I believe powerful beauty has three main components: aesthetics, confidence and superb internal health. As I discussed in my book, Chill Out and Get Healthy, it is when these three components are in sync that one can truly achieve powerful and everlasting beauty. A woman can wear the most premier age-defying makeup and facial products money can buy, but if she doesn’t have true confidence or beaming internal health she will never possess powerful, radiant beauty.

My beauty regimen consists of maintaining optimal internal health by sleeping seven to eight hours each night and eating a non-processed, clean and organic diet full of animal protein, whole grains and colorful fruits and veggies. I do my best to avoid all soy products (as they are very processed and toxic) and excess added sugars like high fructose corn syrup. I know that my skin is an external manifestation of my internal health and a healthy and clean diet is fundamental to phenomenal internal health.

From an aesthetic perspective, I only put environmentally green and chemical free products on my face – my favorite facial products come from a company called Weleda. I absolutely love their almond facial oil, it’s the ultimate moisturizer. And, I always take my daily dose of omega-3 rich cod liver oil as it is amazing for maintaining a glowing and youthful complexion.

Lastly- but, most importantly, in my opinion- I am sure to keep my confidence up by living a desire driven life where I am focused on my goals, practicing acceptance towards both the positives and negatives in my life and expressing my emotions. I also always take a minute each morning and look into the mirror, deep into my own eyes and I say, “I love you”. A woman who doesn’t love herself will never be a powerful beauty.

Like Aimee states- if can’t love yourself, and accept your emotions and physical attributes… how can you be a confident and Powerful Beauty? It’s certainly not easy. Like many young women, I struggled in my teens and early twenties with who I was, and certainly felt society’s pressure to fit the “stereotype of beautiful”. Now I know that I’m not rail-thin and never will be. I enjoy the fact that I’m different, unique, and am completely happy with every curvy inch of my body! I even love my scars- every one tells a story about my life. But it did take me quite a bit of work to get to this point.

Do you have any special steps you take each day to help yourself be a Powerful Beauty? Have you ever, or do you still, struggle with your self-image?

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1 Mary B. June 22, 2010 at 7:02 am

I believe stress dramatically ages a person. My beauty secret is to TRY to put a positive slant on things when possible and not concentrate on the negative. Besides getting enough sleep, I eat less red meat and more legumes, fruits, and vegetables, drink more water, and take lots of vitamins (a multivitamin, a super B-complex, Calcicum (1200 mg. a day), and 2000 mg. of Vitamin C in small doses because it is a water soluable vitamin and passes through you. Biotin is also great and I take it when my fingernails get brittle and get through ridges. Try it and see the difference. These are my little secrets!

2 Caroline June 22, 2010 at 7:30 pm

this is very informative. thank you for sharing!

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