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Achieve Powerful Beauty with Bionic Beauty™
“I don’t care if Monday’s blue, Tuesday’s gray and Wednesday too. Thursday I don’t care about you; it’s Friday, I’m in love.”

Aside from my lyrical musings, it is Friday; and I’m here to introduce another guest for Bionic’s Powerful Beauty series. This week Ebony Sparks, a Certified Lash Stylist and Cosmetologist, shares her definition of Powerful Beauty.

Ebony has been applying Xtreme Lashes for over three years. As a former trainer for the company, she’s received extensive education in lash application techniques and taught hundreds of beauty professionals across the United States to apply eyelash extensions with precision and an artistic eye. Her patience and expertise in the art of lash styling has garnered her a well-known reputation as the go-to woman for lash extensions. Her home base is the Etsetera Salon in Houston, Texas. However, her clients fly in from as far as California and DC for her specialized expertise.

Now that is how you define success; and here is how Ebony defines Powerful Beauty…

Cosmetologist and certified lash stylist Ebony Sparks shares her thoughts on Powerful Beauty with readers of the Bionic Beauty blog

Ebony Sparks shares her definition of Powerful Beauty!

“Powerful beauty is defined by success. When a woman has confidence within herself, beauty develops from within. With a busy lifestyle maintaining the basic “upkeep” of ourselves demands coordination, efficiency, and punctuality. Comparing to many of our counterparts, a woman’s drive and motivation are key components to maintaining her own identity.” ~ Ebony Sparks

My thoughts: Confidence, inner beauty, drive, motivation- all keys to being a well rounded and successful woman. It really doesn’t matter if you definition of success is different than someone else. After all, that is what makes us unique. Success for one woman may be a high profile career; a leading role in a movie; or raising two children; or checking off the last few items on a to-do list. But that is where we, as women, sometimes get off track. We get so tied up comparing ourselves to our peers, that we forget how our individual success should be defined.

Fellow Bionic Beauties: how do you define Powerful Beauty? And where do you think we tend to slip up?

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1 Tashi June 4, 2010 at 3:31 pm

“We get so tied up comparing ourselves to our peers, that we forget how our individual success should be defined.” Unfortunately, we do, don’t we??! But I’ve changed over the years, and my own self-confidence has grown, thank God. I still have my moments, as we all do, since we’re *human*. How I try to live the powerful beauty way, is to take delight in even the “smallest” of successes or achievements throughout my day, things I may do for others, and so on. Earlier today, I took time out to help a stranger with some computer issues. I’m no expert, but I knew how to help her, and it felt really good. She was very grateful and friendly. I had no makeup on, and I still badly need to color my hair again, but I still felt “beautiful”. 😀

And Jami? Those song lyrics?? I could totally hear that song in my head as I read them. Too funny! I love that song. Whoever sings it. 😉

2 Robyn June 4, 2010 at 5:59 pm

I can say two things about this article:

1. You are in inspiration

2. I want the lash application, I have heard many things about it.
Lucky you to work for them !!

3 Eve June 18, 2010 at 12:59 am

I define it by confidence and inner beauty too. Cuz if you feel good inside then it shows outside. I think we slip up when we care what others think of our beauty and let that define us.

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