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Achieve Powerful Beauty with Bionic Beauty™

Welcome to another Powerful Beauty Friday here at Bionic Beauty! This week features cosmetic dentist, Dr. Carly Weiner. Dr. Carly is based at WLA Dental Center, a privately-owned practice in Los Angeles, CA owned by cosmetic dentistry expert Dr. Abdi Sameni. Dr. Carly brings a new meaning to the expression “put your best face forward” with dental reconstructive procedures using non-invasive techniques resulting in a more natural smile.

Did you know that your teeth can tell your age?
Dr. Carly says that when we’re in our younger years, our teeth are translucent at the ends, have more ridges and are longer. Where as, a person in their mid-twenties can gradually start wearing down their teeth from grinding in their sleep or from nerves, resulting in shorter teeth as you get older.

Now grab a glass of water (hydration reminder!), and find out how Dr. Carly achieves Powerful Beauty…

Dr. Carly shares her definition of Powerful Beauty with Bionic Beauty blog readers
I would define powerful beauty as what is achieved when a person can find a way to balance the dichotomy of physical esthetics and the importance of intellectual strength.

I achieve powerful beauty by demanding a lot from my body and mind everyday. This powerful beauty comes with many rewards both emotionally and physically. Working hard at staying healthy, happy, and humorous is my ultimate goal. I find that confidence comes from within and having that confidence can transform your life and shift the positive energy in your direction.

I exercise daily (yoga, bar method, hiking), eat healthy, stay close to my family and friends, interact daily with great patients and involvement in charity work – these activities allow me to live, laugh and love.

Owning my power, in other words… not allowing others to be the director in my movie… is the ultimate BEAUTY.

What do you think of Dr. Carly’s definition of Powerful Beauty?

Personally, I had no idea that our teeth wore down so much throughout life! I guess I never really considered everything we put them through on a daily basis! I really enjoyed Dr. Carly’s contribution. Some women work out, some use the latest fad in skin care, others focus on a family and work balance. However, I also notice some women never consider bettering their intellect and mind. Our personality and knowledge can be exercised just as vigorously as our calves and abs!

Catch up on the rest of the Powerful Beauty features. And remember to check back each Friday for another dose of how to Achieve Powerful Beauty!


1 Eve June 18, 2010 at 2:41 pm

I agree with her. physical health can definitely help you stay beautiful as well.

2 Allison June 18, 2010 at 4:13 pm

It’s pretty amazing what teeth can tell you.

3 Martha Bunn June 18, 2010 at 5:37 pm

As Dr. Carley states, confidence is an important part of looking and feeling your best. I am recovering from 2 hip replacements in 4 months ( I am 51 years old.) Having to wear those white, tight socks and use a walker could have zapped my confidence and made me feel very unfeminine. Instead, I dressed stylishly in mood lifting colors and did my hair and makeup before going out. This helped my confidence take a boost and made recovery much smoother.

4 ROBYN June 18, 2010 at 6:45 pm

Sounds like she knows what right, I love her quote’s. What a nice
story !

5 Kirsten P. June 18, 2010 at 7:16 pm

Excellent article, she definetly knows the secrets to beauty!

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