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Achieve Powerful Beauty with Bionic Beauty™

For this Friday’s Powerful Beauty feature, we are joined by Emily – a publicist and beauty enthusiast behind Earthly Body skin care. You may remember the recent review of their lovely soy massage candles here on Bionic Beauty. Emily was raised in a very “green”, natural environment, so Earthly Body’s all-natural products are right up her alley. Besides studying to be a journalist, Emily enjoys testing out the large variety of the company’s products and teaching her bosses how to use Twitter.

And now, let’s see how Emily defines Powerful Beauty…

Powerful Beauty series featuring Emily of Earthly Body skin care
Everyone has a different definition of what Powerful Beauty means. Since entering the beauty world, and growing into a young woman, I’ve come to define Powerful Beauty as having the confidence to know that you are beautiful, and that you’re naturally that way.

Here at Earthly Body, we believe being powerful is knowing you’re using a product that is totally natural, and totally harm-free. We don’t use any chemicals and we don’t test on animals, so you know that the products you’re using are something that has not harmed anything and will not harm you.

Because our products are natural, they make you look natural and feel great. True beauty comes from within, and our products just enhance the already beautiful you. All of our scents are inspired by nature, so you’ll never have to be covered in a sickening fog of fake flowers.

You are at your most powerful and most beautiful when you feel good about yourself, and Earthly Body helps to achieve that. As a woman, there’s nothing better then to get stopped on the street by a stranger to compliment how healthy your hair looks, or to give someone a hug and they can’t believe how soft your skin is and how good you smell.

While we might have a different definition of what it is to be powerful and beautiful, our goal is to make every woman feel that way.

Perfectly said, don’t you agree? Thanks Emily for your contribution!

Catch up on the rest of the Powerful Beauty features. And remember to check back each Friday for another dose of how to Achieve Powerful Beauty!

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