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Achieve Powerful Beauty with Bionic Beauty™
Welcome to another “Powerful Beauty” Friday feature!

This week Kimberley, a co-founders of YBF Skincare (one of my personal favorite skin care brands), has decided to share her thoughts on how she defines Powerful Beauty.

First here’s a little bio Kimberley shared with me…
“I like long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners at home, sharing a bottle of wine… oh, wait. Start over…

I’ve worked several different jobs, from demolition derby sign up to sports pub bartender, with retail assistant manager and corporate trainer in between. I’ve earned two degrees (a bachelors for organizational communications and an associates for graphics technology). My most recent corporate position was as a graphic designer. I have to say I’ve enjoyed every job but one; not bad, since there have been so many. My favorite? Absolutely, positively, no question about it–working with Darrell and creating Your Best Face Skincare. I’m thankful for all the job experience I’ve had in the past that I can pull from when we find ourselves in different situations and with different opportunities for YBF. Outside of business, I enjoy traveling, spending time with my family, creating jewelry and taking on other creative, artsy endeavors.”

Bionic Beauty's Powerful Beauty weekly series with guest Kimberley, co-founder of YBF Skincare


hen first exploring the idea of powerful beauty, I didn’t know where to begin. My thoughts took me down so many different avenues filled with examples and ideas. So, I decided to break it down. I considered “powerful” and “beauty” separately before bringing the two back together again. I discovered a true and clear connection, a full circle, that brought me back to my original ideas of what powerful beauty means to me. Now, rather than a montage of seemingly disconnected ideas of powerful beauty, I have a way to express a clearer picture of what it means to me. And, so it goes like this…

I think of beauty as something, an object or act or person or experience, that entices the senses in some way and is pleasing to the spirit. The beholder of that beauty may smile to themselves, or make a comment to someone else, or even produce a tear. The beauty is noticed, enjoyed, appreciated and the person may or may not have more reaction to it.

I believe beauty becomes powerful when it leads the beholder to a strong reaction. Beauty becomes powerful when it leads to more beauty. It becomes powerful when it moves someone into action. In turn, it becomes even more powerful when it affects many people. True beauty is wonderful to encounter; powerful beauty makes a difference. Powerful beauty affects a person in a way that gives a ripple effect; it affects them in some way that makes them appreciate more than just the beauty itself. This effect may last a short time or a lifetime, it may affect one person or many people, it may be gentle or it may be grand. Whether small or big, short-lived or long-term, powerful beauty makes someone think and react in a manner that makes a difference, most often passing a form of beauty on to someone else. In a conversation yesterday with my business partner, Darrell, he said that he seeks ways to create joy, elation, comfort and help for others. Now, that is powerful beauty.

I think Kimberley nailed it! What are your thoughts on her definition of Powerful Beauty? And feel free to chat about your fave YBF products in the comments below too!

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1 body-butter October 28, 2010 at 3:24 pm

Yes, beauty is a light that shines from within. We posses it, and to give of it freely shows maturity. You had some great points, I try and be more aware when I’m in the greatness of beauty.

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