Powerful Beauty with Marilyn DeMartini

by Bionic Beauty on 30.Apr.2010

Achieve Powerful Beauty with Bionic Beauty™
This week, public relations powerhouse Marilyn DeMartini shares her thoughts on Powerful Beauty with Bionic Beauty readers. Marilyn is owner of her PR Firm, PR Power; and specializes in marketing and relations in the powerboat racing industry. Find out more about Marilyn, her career, projects and writings at her website MarilynDeMartini.com. Talk about being a Powerful Beauty!

Powerful beauty is a well-known concept, for wasn’t “Power is the best aphrodisiac” attributed to Henry Kissinger?

I find working out and eating well—creating a healthy, powerful body, are the main ingredients to creating “Powerful Beauty.” Even if one is not a “classic” beauty, a woman can radiate confidence, strength and attitude and be seen as strikingly beautiful because of the power she radiates through her posture, carriage and smile. As a 54-year old PR professional (the “Power of the pen!” who works in the powerboat racing business) who works out daily, runs, practices yoga to balance the exercise and strives to maintain a youthful appearance, I am proudly and powerfully growing older and wiser. I find it flattering that people do not believe I am 50+, but I really don’t care because I feel strong and beautiful—regardless of the laugh lines and the toll the sun has taken on my skin because I so enjoy the outdoors of South Florida. Am I beautiful? Perhaps not by model standards, but because I feel good about myself, I hope that I am seen as attractive because of my power.

Achieve Powerful Beauty with the Bionic Beauty blog and this week's contributor Marilyn DeMartini

Racing powerboats... and Powerful Beauty - Marilyn DeMartini

Isn’t that picture of Marilyn amazing? I truly love hearing about women working in lesser known industries; and while PR is common enough, Marilyn’s expertise in the powerboat racing industry in so unique!

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