Powerful Beauty: Modesty with Your Beauty

by Bionic Beauty on 19.Nov.2010 · 3 comments

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This week’s Powerful Beauty segment features Josephine Pizarro. Josephine is the head of the Your Beauty School website.

She first became interested in beauty of the world and how people perceived beauty when she was around 25 years old. Josephine loves to travel annually “to see what different people around the world perceive as beautiful”. She also loves learning about new cultures and exploring her own self through her travels.

And now let’s hear how Josephine defines Powerful Beauty…

To me, powerful beauty is being beautiful (both inside and out) and still maintaining a certain modesty about it. You look good and feel good, but you don’t feel the need to rub it in other people’s faces. Flaunting here is not a good thing by any means. Of course, anyone and everyone enjoys receiving compliments here and there. But the mark of true inner beauty is in receiving the compliment with humility as well as genuine appreciation.

Perhaps it’s just me, but I have always noticed that this type of powerful beauty can make anyone look even more beautiful or portray their true beauty in any given situation. But people who are clearly very conceited or self-involved tend to become less attractive to me as I get to know them. It’s very rare and special to find someone who radiates powerful beauty but when you do find them, it’s impossible not to hold that person in high regard.

Powerful Beauty can come in any size or age across the world.

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1 Tashi November 19, 2010 at 12:22 pm

Very nice! I always enjoy these pieces. Thanks, Jami, for having them. Lest I forget, thank you, Josephine, for this installment. Someday, I am hoping to contribute to this awesome feature as well. 🙂

2 Robyn @ Hawaii November 19, 2010 at 6:56 pm

Wow ! Like your thoughts about Beauty….. You said it exactly
How beautiful can one be on the outside if it’s not addressed on the
inside. Beauty definitely comes in different ways, it’s one thing
to have the appearance but it’s NOTHING if you do not have it on
the inside. The most gorgeous people that I have met in my walk of
life, does not stem from them being ” Faboulous” in looks but how they walk,talk, and carry themselves, and being so caring. Not the ” I know it all attitude.” Thanks for writing this makes alot of sense to see how
the world is out there !!!!

3 Samantha Anderson March 5, 2013 at 5:43 am

Thanks Josephine,

For me, being beautiful on the outside was never too much of a problem, but being beautiful on the inside is the hardest thing in the world.

I am still working on it day after day. I feel like I am growing as the days go by and that I will reach my goal eventually…

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