Powerful Beauty with musician Adrienne Osborn

by Bionic Beauty on 11.Jun.2010 · 2 comments

Achieve Powerful Beauty with Bionic Beauty™
Happy Friday everyone! This week’s dose of Powerful Beauty features musician and vocalist Adrienne Osborn. In addition to her own musical career, Adrienne is also a voice and performance coach. In her words- “Part of my mission as musician and mentor is to encourage people to realize their personal power. I’m especially drawn to work with teenage and twentysomething girls/women.”

For more on Adrienne, be sure to visit her personal website AdrienneOsborn.com and her vocal/performance coaching website VoiceAndPerformanceCoach.com!

Now let’s see how Adrienne defines Powerful Beauty…

Musician and voice coach Adrienne Osborn shares her thoughts on how she Achieves Powerful Beauty with Bionic Beauty blog readers.

Musician Adrienne Osborn performing live!

In the music industry, it’s easy for a lead singer to get carried away trying to look like some perfect concept of beauty that can really only be achieved by professional photography, makeup artists, and photographic manipulation. While glamour is certainly fun and has its place (and I certainly don’t go au natural on stage!) what I respect most is women who look strong because they take care of their bodies. There is nothing hotter than a strong, toned pair of arms, or abs that are not only flat but have some definition, or a pair of kick-*ss legs and butt.

I particularly enjoyed Adrienne’s photo of her performing. It seemed to capture the strength and confidence a woman needs to have to get on-stage. Putting yourself in front of a live audience certainly takes a special person who is completely at ease and confident! Do you believe you have the confidence to perform or speak for a live audience?

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