Powerful Beauty with Nomiki Konst of Alliance Hollywood

by Bionic Beauty on 07.May.2010

Achieve Powerful Beauty with Bionic Beauty™
It’s another Powerful Beauty Friday!
This week, we are joined by Nomiki Konst. Nomiki is the Executive Director of Alliance Hollywood which “is a DC non-profit corporation, whose purpose is to utilize the entertainment industry to ‘clean lobby’ and promote issues to government leaders and its representatives in order to heighten awareness and furtherance of those issues. What is Clean Lobbying? Clean Lobbying is a new concept on Capitol Hill, as politicians have been participating in dirty politics for years.”

In addition to her community work with Alliance Hollywood, she also maintains her own blog The Yippie (I love that blog name! It’s Yuppie + Hippie.) and twitters regularly.

Let’s sit back, take a deep breath, and see what Nomiki has to say about Powerful Beauty…

I, for one, have struggled since my adolescence with what beauty really is. Growing up it was based on my mother- the perfume she wore, the high heels, the way she’d apply her blush in the mirror. But as I grew into my teens, I noticed that small things she said about her self had more of a lasting effect on me than what she did to be beautiful. The way she’d complain about her weight, workout excessively (it was the 80’s) and constantly change her hair style…. Those all had a profound effect in my late teens and college days. I no longer wished to wear the things that we humans think esthetically make us feel beautiful…no, I developed complex emotions about what my own personal standards of beauty were. In college I struggled with food, weight, boyfriends and personal self confidence. But through years of personal inner development, I’ve come to terms with my own beauty.

What I found beautiful when I was 5 is far different than when I was 15. When I was 15 my concept of beauty was far from my concept of beauty at 19. Now, at 25, I feel more beautiful than ever. What makes me beautiful is when I feel powerful. When I am at my personal best- following my life’s path, passions, and committing to my personal development. I eat well, practice yoga, meditate and read regularly. I’ve committed my life to community work. As I see the true pain in the world through my work, it makes me appreciate all that I have, and all that makes me feel beautiful!

Beauty is ultimately in the eyes of the beholder, right?

I can certainly relate to how Nomiki’s definitions of beauty changed over the years. I look back at my teens and twenties; and feel thankful that I am now in my thirties. I love my 30s! I have never been more comfortable in my own skin, and confident enough to be, dress, and act however I’d like to. I agree with Nomiki’s contribution 100%!

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