Powerful Beauty with Sandy Dumont

by Bionic Beauty on 24.Oct.2008

Achieve Powerful Beauty with Bionic Beauty™

Sandy Dumont joins Bionic Beauty this week to share her thoughts on Achieving Powerful Beauty in your life. A professional Image Consultant, Sandy also maintains her own blog. Read on for Sandy’s tips in dressing to impress.

Women need to level the playing field with men when it comes to business attire. We need to dress more powerfully. We don’t want to look like a copycat of a man, as was suggested in the Eighties That is demeaning. If we want to narrow the gender gap, what we must do is drop the girlie fabrics and colors and wear formidable power suits and jackets in power colors, female style, not “daddy’s jacket” styles. No more “girlie” color and fabrics. We’ve got to ditch pastels; they are passive and powerless. And get rid of those limp “travel” fabrics, sweater sets and frilly garments. We must wear great-fitting jackets in substantial fabrics that add power to our presence.

Keep in mind that men’s bodies are angular (inverted triangle) and women have hourglass figures. For example, men’s pecs are square, ours are round; their jaws are square, ours is oval; their buttocks are square, ours are round; and their nails are square and ours should be oval. So we need fitted jackets that reflect our natural figures, not cover them up as a shapeless blazer does. The real strength of women is that their power is subtle and refined, unlike that of men, whose power is overt and sometimes aggressive. We need to proudly announce our softness, because it is equaled only by our power!

Fashion rules were determined in the 1400s. As the breadwinners in families, men had to look reliable, steadfast and hardworking. They wore darker colors and substantial fabrics to suggest this. Women didn’t work, so they could dress frivolously, change styles constantly and wear anything they wanted. Times have changed and women are breadwinners, but we still continue to dress in frilly fabrics, girlie colors and “any way we want.” To garner immediate credibility and respect, women need to dress more powerfully, but at the same time look distinctive. Men have broader shoulders, deeper voices and are usually taller. They appear commanding; we very often do not. It’s time to make changes!

Good power colors for women are jewel tones like royal blue, emerald green, royal purple, cherry red, true red, magenta, fuchsia, navy, black, white and taupe (not beige). With the exception of the last three colors, no man is going to wear a suit in any of the colors suggested. They are powerful, but not permitted for men, so it gives us an edge. Not so with food colors such as orange, lime, ketchup and mustard. These colors shout “screeching woman” and should be avoided like the plague, along with all grunge colors. With your new power colors, it is necessary to wear professional makeup (no more lip gloss or nude lips) and powerful accessories. Chunky hoops instead of teenage wire hoops, or door knocker earrings. Add a classic Omega necklace for unmistakable power (not a slide, a flat necklace that is wider in the front and narrower at the back opening) and when you enter the boardroom or office, you will not get dismissed or ignored, because your image will say “mover and shaker.”

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