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by Bionic Beauty on 10.Oct.2008 · 1 comment

Achieve Powerful Beauty with Bionic Beauty™
Sheryl, author of her own blog, Wreke Havoc, had an interesting dilemma present itself a few month’s back. I asked her if we could share it here on Bionic Beauty as part of the Powerful Beauty feature. She agreed. Her contribution is below. Read her blog post and let me know how you felt. Honestly, I was between tears and intense anger at how mean young girls can be to each other. I remember situations like this myself, and just cannot believe how we could’ve all been so uncaring towards each other. Grrrr… Anyhow, without further delay, here is Sheryl’s Powerful Beauty message:

For what it’s worth, you had asked about powerful beauty. I just had a tangle with my nine year old daughter about this very topic last week after a girl at cheerleading camp called her “heavy.” My daughter is developing early and is rather muscular; and this made her different from the other girls at camp. as you may guess, different, when you’re a tween, equates bizarrely with wrong in their young minds.

This is problematic to me. I have struggled with weight issues all my life. I have tried, though, to create a different path for my daughter, a path which I hope will lead her to powerful beauty (as I define it, anyway).

In any event, this is how it all went down.. http://wrekehavoc.wordpress.com/2008/07/16/girls-talk/

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1 The Cheap Chick October 10, 2008 at 6:46 pm

Women are their own worst enemies and it starts in childhood. Thank you, BB and Sheryl, for reminding us to build each other up – and not tear each other down. THAT is Powerful Beauty. As always, great post Bionic!

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