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by Bionic Beauty on 20.Aug.2010

Achieve Powerful Beauty with Bionic Beauty™

This week’s Powerful Beauty segment features Jessica Victoria!

Jessica is the author of YogaMiracles.com website which helps readers learn to use yoga for physical and mental health, body maintenance, and weight loss. Her other site BeautySurgeries.com focuses on plastic surgery options available for both men and women, and helps people choose what procedures may be best for each individual.

Now let’s see how Jessica defines Powerful Beauty…

Powerful Beauty is the term that varies in meaning. In its ordinary parlance, powerful beauty is a beauty from within us. The meaning of beauty is more associated with reality and honesty and these three elements co- exist with one another. Reality (truth) is the logic that exists in our mind associated with what we actually see. Honesty (goodness) is the drive that makes us response to a thing and beauty is the feeling that we enjoy when something or a stimulus strikes our mind and gives us a positive reaction. We can only appreciate the real beauty or the heart of beauty if beautiful things stay alive within us. Every one of us possesses internal good looks. Good looks do not show normally from the external features of a person. Most importantly is the beauty that resides within us. For humanitarian reasons, the real meaning of powerful beauty is when we share what we have with the less needy.

Much is said about powerful beauty. However, the meaning of powerful beauty does not end within us. One thing, we can ask the help of Mother Nature to enhance our beauty within and have it glow and radiate for everyone else to appreciate and admire. There are different products now in the market that rejuvenate, restore and refill our skin for the loss of its natural beauty to attain a lustrous radiance from the outside. To site a good example, is the topical berry called sea buckthorn. This kind of berry is not found at the sea as what the name connotes. On the contrary, this is a fruit found in the Tibetan Himalayas 12,000 feet above sea level. Sea buckthorn can be a best source of nutrients good for the hair, nails and skin. Products from this fruit are made available at the Sibu Beauty site where they have various beauty system products like fruit drinks with slimming effects, nutritional supplement and products for face care.

More said than done, powerful beauty therefore is not alone narrowed to inner beauty. Although it is important from the traditional point of view that beauty must come from within, it is equally essential that we take care of our body to achieve a more gorgeous and good-looking effect. With the help and the tips we have from these beauty sites it would become easy for anybody to have a powerful external beauty without sacrificing the beauty from within.

I adore Jessica’s intelligent and knowledgeable writing style, but I also love her robust definition of Powerful Beauty. Her contribution proves that as we learn more about the internal (and external) workings of our bodies, we can bring those two pieces together. At least that’s my take. What are your thoughts on Jessica’s definition of Powerful Beauty?

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