Product Review: Lancome Flash Bronzer

by Bionic Beauty on 11.Aug.2008 · 1 comment

Flash Bronzer Glow 'N Wear - Self tan by Lancome
We’re heading into fall and if you’d like to preserve some of your summer glow (faux glow, I’m hoping!) check out Lancome’s Flash Bronzer “Glow n’ Wear”. I grabbed some earlier in the summer and am proud to report it didn’t turn my skin orange and with the proper preparation there was no streaking! Best of all, it dries so quickly! No more waiting around the house half-nekkid while your sunless tanner dries.

The Flash Bronzer gives you the instant gratification of a bronzer while building up a sunless tan gradually. It’s packaged in a convenient pump dispenser which kept it from leaking all over my bathroom floor or cabinets. The formula itself is a gel. It does contain alcohol (which helps with the speedy drying time) so you may want to moisturize a few hours afterwards, but I didn’t feel it was an urgent necessity (meaning my legs weren’t itching and screaming for lotion).

Just think how great your new fall clothes will look on a subtly-tan you! Lancome’s Glow n’ Wear sells for $31 for a 5 oz bottle. It’s available in 2 shades: Natural Tan (which Bionic uses, that’s me!) and Shimmer Tan (which adds a teensy bit of glimmer to your skin).

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