Product Review: Noevir Skin Care

by Bionic Beauty on 16.Feb.2008 · 33 comments

Skincare products are a long-term testing item. It usually takes me anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months to trial a new product/line so I can decide if it will work, or not. During the past month, I have been using two offerings from Noevir. Included below are the items I tested, my thoughts, and relevant recommendations.

Noevir NHS, Noevir Herbal Skincare – This is a four step skincare routine:

Noevir Herbal Skincare

  1. Deep Cleansing Cream – Feels like lotion in viscosity. It glides on nicely and does a grand job at makeup removal. I used this in the evening after a day of makeup.
  2. Foaming Cleanser – This was my favorite product out of all of them. Pleasant, light scent and super concentrated. Use only a little!
  3. Balancing Lotion – This toner did not dry out my skin or make me feel “stripped”. Instead it applied similar to a light lotion.
  4. Moisture Lotion – Excellent everyday face lotion. I used this morning and evening on my face and neck.

I’d recommend the NHS regimen for people with normal skin, at any age. $120 for the set.

Noevir 99 – This is a five step skincare program:

Noevir 99 Skincare

  1. Deep Cleansing Massage Gel – Perfect for removing makeup and the pollutants of the day.
  2. Gentle Foaming Cleanser – Another super-concentrated cleanser. It gently cleaned my skin and yet left enough moisture to avoid that tight feeling.
  3. Refreshing Balancing Toner – This was my second favorite product. I really loved this toner! Non-drying and calming to the skin. No stinging or irritation. Loved the scent!
  4. Replenishing Moisturizer – Superb everyday moisturizer. I applied this morning and evening and it seemed to hold up well throughout the day.
  5. Protecting Skin Cream – Rich cream, super moisture content. Applied and spread evenly. I especially liked using this on any dry patches and around my eyes before bed.

Priced at $196 for the 5 products. This set would be helpful for those over 35 years since it packs a punch with moisture!

If you have any questions about Noevir’s products or would like to purchase, I recommend speaking with Karen Hose, a Noevir consultant. She’s very helpful and quick to answer emails; her Noevir website will also walk you through the purchase process. Certain items can qualify for free shipping, and there is a 90 day refund policy, ask Karen for details. :)

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