Product Review: SpinLash Beauty Gadget

by Bionic Beauty on 29.Jun.2008 · 2 comments

SpinLash mascara wand
For those of us who are a bit geeky while being obsessed with our makeup and skincare routines (ahem… that’s me!), the gal-gadget SpinLash rotating mascara wand may appeal to you. The SpinLash first caught my eye at a local Target store ($14.99), shortly after I was contacted by SpinLash themselves to test their product.

The SpinLash mascara wand is billed to organize your dis-organized lashes. It slowly rotates when the handle button is depressed. SpinLash comes packaged with its own mascara, which I tested twice, but got a few smudges (nothing too bad, but there were a few more than my fave mascara); so I switched to testing the wand with my own mascara. I applied my Mineral Wear mascara and used the SpinLash to comb through my lashes.

Once I got the hang of the movement and usage, I had neat, defined lashes. Much better than using a lash comb (which has always seemed to create MORE lumps for me). Like I said, the movement does take some practice, but it really does provide some pretty definition!

My drawback: the batteries are not replaceable. They are stated to work for approximately 90 days (recommended length to keep an open mascara before pitching it); after that you’ll need a new unit.

I would love to see the company develop a greener, more eco-friendly option by allowing the user to replace batteries and offering replacement heads for the wand itself. Less waste, less packaging. Or possibly a rechargeable unit.

Stay tuned to Bionic Beauty for your chance to give the SpinLash a Spin!

You can purchase the SpinLash Mascara gadgetSpinLash Mascara wand from for $14.95.

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1 nancy in fl July 1, 2008 at 9:08 pm

I have teeny eyelashes that refuse to curl. I use a curler,hairdryer,heated eyelash curler and lots of diff products-no luck! I could really use one & my birthday is in about a week-since my hubby rarely buys me a present, this would be a great present that I could pretend is from him!

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