Random Beauty News: Odd Pedis, Hair Color Adventures and more

by Bionic Beauty on 29.Jul.2008

Today I’ve got a little random roundup of news in my life, from TV and an odd new trend in pedicures…

The big celeb buzz for the day: Actress Kiera Knightley is standing up to her movie company and just saying no to aftermarket cleavage enhancement. What I mean is, since she’s a flatter chested girl (hey, I’m pretty darn small too, but I just look at it as mine don’t get in the way of my activities. It’s all about spin, right? 😉 ), the studio wanted to amp up her chest in promotion pictures for the upcoming movie. She’s standing firm and saying she’s proud of her lack-of-rack. I’m with her. Be proud of what you got, girl!
Next up on today’s news from moi: Since moving to the hot, humid and yes, incredibly sunny Florida last month, my brunette locks have been bleaching so quickly even with strict use of UV blockers. I admit to not wearing a hat constantly because they make me hot! But in any case, I figured I would lighten my hair back to more of my natural color (dark blonde, light brunette). So armed with my trusty bottle of haircolor and developer from Sally’s Beauty Supply, I went at it.

After rinsing and conditioning, nada. Same color as before. I guess my hair is happy the color it is? At least I got my grays covered back up. 🙂

And lastly for this odd little news roundup… an online buddy made me aware of the new phenomenon, the “Fish Pedicure”. What do you think? Would you do this?

Me? Count me out. I’m sure the little Tetra fish flakes are much more nutritious for the fishies than my dead foot skin cells (ick).

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