Bionic Review: ASSO Gold Soap tops the list!

by Bionic Beauty on 01.Sep.2009 · 12 comments

Another wonderful review from Bionic Beauty’s co-editor, Bionic Briana!

I have adult acne, large pores, cystic, hormonal, all of it! I thought as one aged it would go away, I think it got worse. The solution? ASSO Gold soap. I read about it online one day, was impressed by the testimonial’s and I was to the point of, “I’ll try ANYthing!!!” I not only was having blemishes on my face, but on by chest and back as well.

ASSO Gold bar face soap review on Bionic Beauty blog

ASSO Gold soap with real gold flakes!

The shipping was very fast, I didn’t know where it was coming from but when it arrived, I was enduring breakouts as usual, so I jumped in the shower and lathered up a nice foam and put it on my skin.  I waited a few minutes then rinsed off.  That evening, just a few hours later, the blemishes on my face were almost gone.  The instructions say to use it twice daily.  I used it religiously but started to try using it just once a day and I still have had no breakouts occur.  If I miss a day or two and don’t use ASSO, the blemishes return within a few days.

I found a link that has ASSO for only $24 a bar, each bar lasts about 1 month.  Shipping is the same, and the price breaks go up along with the number of bars purchased.  There is a full money back guarantee, ASSO claims less than 2% of purchasers ever return their soap. It start’s at $24 per bar plus flat rate $7 shipping.  The big break is ordering 5 bars for $100, that includes shipping. You can order any amount.

I have been using ASSO for several month’s now and I swear by it.  It literally changed my life. I have spent my entire life looking for an acne cure and to my delight, I finally have found it.  It is a breath of fresh air compared to adding another product to my face AFTER my shower.  I come out squeaky clean and already have handled the acne treatment for the day. I still use Salicylic acid, Alpha Lipoic Acid topically and my Tanda Blue light if I have the rare breakthrough breakout.

The soap contains real powdered flakes of gold.  The gold kills the acne on contact.  It is also a strong anti-inflammatory agent and hosts many free radicals. Ancient civilizations have used gold for it’s healing power for hundreds of years. In China there is a 6 month waiting list for ASSO; there’s no waiting list here.  If you suffer from acne, I highly suggest you try it. I see TV commercials for product’s that don’t work, I see people spending so much money on ANYTHING to heal acne.  $24 a month is well worth it.

Personally, I’ve had two friends use the bar on their young children with terrible Rosacea and it worked beautifully. The little girl went from being teased and picked on at school to having a clear complexion and a new found self esteem.  I frequently chip off pieces of a new bar and give it to friends who ask about it.

A few more tips- If I have a scrape or scratch, I lather it with ASSO daily and it heals so much faster than normal. It also works great for bikini shaving and the after care…to avoid the razor bumps.  If I feel the start of acne, I dry rub the soap bar onto that spot overnight- again WOW! Yeah baby, this one takes the Gold medal in my book!!

If you haven’t heard of ASSO, I’m not surprised. It’s not really advertised or heard of by most people, but I’m writing this in hopes of sharing this fantastic discovery! If I could have only one item out of any in my cosmetic bag, ASSO would by far be it.

You can grab your own bar from It’s the only source I’ve found to purchase this wonderful soap. Each bar comes wrapped and in a clear soap dish with a lid and holes on the bottom to make it last longer.



1 karissa September 1, 2009 at 9:02 am


2 Angie September 1, 2009 at 10:48 am

I have been struggling with adult acne for years – I just ordered the soap and will post a review as soon as I use it. I am excited and can’t wait for the soap to arrive!!!

3 Briana September 1, 2009 at 10:50 am

You’re my girl Karissa! The brave one!

I just ordered more last week! I ran out slicing off samples and giving them to everyone! The mail lady is the worst shark of all…..She know’s when I get it!!!

PLEASE share your feedback when you get it and let us know your opinion!

4 Briana September 1, 2009 at 11:13 am

Hey Angie,
I know ohhhh so well what you mean. If it’s deep or cystic, it does work, let is sit longer. After my horse-rescue-forest-fire incident a couple week’s ago, my entie body broke out, my back was instantly sooo bad..I got the soap wet and left it on overnight and was just stunned the next morning at how much it cleared up. (face, chest, neck, back, bikini)

If you shave with ASSO, no bump’s!!! I even use it now after tweezing hair’s….it prevent’s a breakout or reaction for Me at least.

I have a Tanda Blue Light and will review it soon……my answer is YEAH! It really work’s, though time comsuming….just a tip and sneak preview!

Though I still use the soap. If I could only have one, I’d pick the soap.


5 Tashi September 2, 2009 at 11:27 am

Awesome that it works for you! 🙂 I’ll have to remember this item, for when I can afford it. Thanks for telling us about it! Even at 40, I have mild breakouts every now and then, and some of it can be *stubborn* little buggers. I have to add, the name is humorous. LOL

6 Jess December 14, 2009 at 9:32 pm

So I finally bought this soap after reading this review a few months back. Let me just say I have only been using it for about four days and the results are simply amazing! I am currently a student/ mom who gets stress acne and being that I am in fnals right now my face looked awful just four days ago.. This soap took out all the inflamation and my skin is on it’s way to full recovery.. Thanks soo much for this review!!! Any idea when the tanda light review will be coming?

7 Bionic Bronnie December 15, 2009 at 6:58 pm

Hey Jess!
I’m so glad you were brave! I know, it’s just amazing, like WHY is this stuff not everywhere? People just don’t seem to know..
As far as the Tanda..I’ll get a review up soon, but bottom line, the blue light therapy work’s very well, Tanda has a great cleanser and lotion that really help too. If you have acne and you are serious, shop girl! You won’t be disappointed!

8 Jess December 15, 2009 at 9:01 pm

I will for sure shop around! I am jsut amazed by this soap though I am telling ya it’s just amazing! way cheap for the results it has given too!

9 Bionic Bronnie December 16, 2009 at 11:18 am

I know, If you’ve noticed the discount as you buy more at once…I just gave away and reordered 4 bars now…it truly is like magic. I think I should try to get a deal on like 100 bars! It’s the absolute 1 product that top’s my list!

Tashi-I missed your remark! HAH! I crack up when I say the name fast, people do a doubletake!!!! ASSO!

I rub it on breakout’s at night (and it heals any open ones) then hit it with a good wash, use Jeune d’age toner and serum , then do the blue light therapy and amazingly have learned to keep my hand’s OFFFFF!

So sorry, I totally forgot that I promised a Tanda review..and it’s holiday time..I’ll get one up quick..but there are several brand’s, bottom line, buy it somewhere that take’s return’s…30 day’s it OK but 60 is better…electronic’s fail, don’t buy one where you can’t return it if it break’s! (Sephora is safe just for this reason..Dermstore is pretty good)..I shop where I can return thing’s if they don’t work out when I’m shelling out c-notes!

10 Krystal November 22, 2010 at 8:22 pm

I must say that after reading the reviews on this site I managed to order Asso in less than 5 min even got a deal at check out to add two more bars for 14.99 each instead of the regular $24.00 tag I didn’t hesitate hoping I would have the same results as the people claimed. I am 26 I have adult acne I have tried everything prescription and none. I ordered Asso on the 11th and received it in Fridays mail (11/19/2010) I was so excited of course I went and washed my face. I do not see a difference in my acne my face looks more irritated if anything and it feels uncomfortably dry. Even after I put on a face moisturizer! My eye lids look strange as if you can tell how much this soap is drying my face out if I could post a picture I would. I have only been using the soap for 4 days now but so far it looks like I will be mailing it back I am very unhappy with the results how my face feels now is not worth it it’s itchy and of course when you have acne hands on your face is the last thing you want but the need to itch is so bad. I don’t recommend Asso.

11 Bionic Beauty December 5, 2010 at 3:26 pm

Hi Krystal, I’m sorry to hear you had such poor luck with the ASSO. Do you know if you are allergic to gold or glycerin? You reactions sound similar to my allergy reactions when I use an ingredient I’m allergic to on my face. Personally, I’m highly allergic to glycerin. That’s why Bronnie tested this particular item. It’s worked for many, but obviously won’t work for everyone. What type of skin do you have normally?
Also, have you tried any of the options I recommended in my Acne Tips article? Many of those are for more sensitive skin, like mine, and it sounds like yours as well. Here’s the article: I was written for teens, but it’s the skin care regimen I follow on a daily basis (I’m 33, for the record).

Thanks and I hope to see you around Bionic Beauty in the future!

12 Krystal December 21, 2010 at 11:33 am

I ordered this soap after reading the reviewa I couldn’t wait to get it on the delivery day I must have checked the mail 10 times literally! I received the soap and immediately washed my face it began to burn and afterwards my skin was so tight on my face it hurt even after I applied lotion. With all the success I still continued to use the product I started to develop white head bumps from my cheeks down which I did not suffer from before. I would not recommend this product for adult acne I am a 26 year old African American Female. The only thing I did notice was that the lines on my forehead went away.

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