Product Review: HerCut styling products for your haircut!

by Bionic Beauty on 16.Nov.2009 · 3 comments

HerCut is a new brand of haircare products that are designed to help you get the best out of your personal haircut. I immediately snagged on up for a “cutting edge” review! The idea behind Hercut is simple and quite ingenious: styling products for your specific hairstyle or cut.

HerCut haircut specific styling productsHerCut haircut specific styling products

After years of fearing salon cuts (I didn’t want my long lock’s butchered), I recently braved getting a long, layered cut that I adore. Hence, I when I saw HerCut’s Long Layers Catalyst at Sephora.comHerCut haircut specific styling products (it’s $28 for a 3.4 oz dual chambered pump bottle), I was super excited to try it.

When it arrived I raced for a shower and towel dried my hair. I followed the application instructions, then half-dried my hair with a BioIonic dryer (Ionic dryers cause much less heat damage to your hair since they split water’s molecules instead of boiling them away). I let it air dry the rest of the way. When my hair was fully dry, the result was bouncy and soft. No doubt the result of HerCut’s “inter-spring polymer technology” which contains fibers to help hold hair’s shape and texture.

HerCut’s packaging promises that “luxe layers stay connected and never fall flat. Get height at the roots and bouncy, touchable movement everywhere else.” And my hair looked great! And 24 hours later, it was still amazing!

The final test was when the fiance came home… no comment. Prompting him with “Hey babe, notice anything different about my hair?” Now he’s scared, really scared, and looks a bit worried. A loaded question and he knows the wrong answer could mean the doghouse (if only we had a dog, then I could send him to the doghouse…).

To my astonishment, he hits it right on the money (well, almost): “You got your haircut and it lookss layered… it looks nice!” Well, the haircut was a month ago, but the HerCut made the Haircut. So this Bionic Bronnie review results in: I’m in love with the new HerCut styling products!

Other items in the Hercut hair care family include: Shampoos and conditioners in Normal, Medium, Deep and Light moistures; Dry shampoo; and styling products (Hercut calls them “Catalysts”) for The Bob, The Blunt, The Pixie, and The Shag.

What are your thoughts on haircut-specific styling products? Do you think they’ll catch on, or fall flat?

~ Bionic Bronnie

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1 Susan November 19, 2009 at 5:36 pm

I am ready to give it a try. My hair keeps whining at me that it is neglected.

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