Sally Hansen Natural Beauty eyeliners and looks

by Bionic Beauty on 12.Mar.2009 · 5 comments

Sally Hansen’s newish line is Natural Beauty “inspired by Carmindy”. The line is eco-friendly and focuses on more natural colors, highlighters, and tones. And it’s gaining fans by the day. I tried out the Forever Stay eye pencils in Blue Indigo (a deep matte navy) and Pure Plum (a deep purple). I also got the Natural Highlighter in Gold Dust.
Sally Hansen Natural Beauty by Carmindy eyeliners and face highlighter

These liners stayed put both in cold and humidity without wandering, flaking or smudging. I’d highly recommend them for women with sensitive lids or contact lens wearers.  (My looks and notes on all the products are below…)Since these pencils are uber-soft, they don’t pull your skin; but may take some getting used to if your usual eyeliners are harder. The Natural Highlighter is similar to Three Custom Color’s Watercolors and the new Shimmer Cremes. Except the Sally Hansen version is a bit more “fluid”. And not quite as much pigment so you have to use a bit more. My Gold Dust duo contains a pale shimmer highlighter and a bronzy-copper shade for well, bronzing or sculpting. I’ve been using my for my lips, cheeks and eyelids (the copper color), to highlight my nose, cupid’s bow, and brow bone (lighter shimmer cream). My only drawback- when used on the eyelids, the highlight creams do crease. I haven’t tried them with an eyeshadow base yet, so that may improve performance. But in any case, the color is fun, and I’d really recommend them! Here are some looks I created with my Natural Beauty eyeliners.

With the Blue Indigo-

Sally Hansen Carmindy Natural Beauty Blue Indigo eyeliner look

  • Covered my eyelid with the Gold Dust bronze/copper color and used the light highlight cream on my brow bone and inner eye corner.
  • Applied a nice, even line of Blue Indigo across my upper lashline.
  • A coat of mascara.
  • Very easy, simple way to bring some color into a day you might be hurrying through!

With Pure Plum-

Sally Hansen Carmindy Natural Beauty purple eyeliner makeup look

  • Again, I covered my eyelid with the Gold Dust bronze color; and accented my brow bone & inner eye corner with the light shimmer.
  • I lined my upper and lower lashline with Pure Plum.
  • Since these liners are soooo soft- they work VERY well for smoking your eye. I just blended out with a soft, taklon brush using mini strokes. You just want to soften the line.
  • Optional- line your inner waterline.
  • Apply mascara!

There we go ladies. Two simple, extremely QUICK looks that any lady can pull off. So embrace some color this spring! Find the Sally Hansen Natural Beauty collection at your local drugstore (I spotted mine at CVS).


1 Paula March 12, 2009 at 10:39 am

Okay, I am dying to try out these liners. I have been stalking the CVS’s that carry Carmindy’s stuff and have yet to see them. I like pencil liners and I bet they would make my blue eyes pop.

2 Bionic Beauty March 13, 2009 at 1:09 am

Paula, They aren’t in my local stores either (I’m in a small town) but I did find them in Orlando. 🙂 They are soooo super soft and blendable. I’m really liking them more and more as I use them. And the colors are so pigmented! Very similar to the Pencil Me In all-natural liners you can get online.

3 Jen Hill March 14, 2009 at 8:34 am

Love the deep plums in combo with the indy blue. Will have to try this soon!

4 joycey couture March 16, 2009 at 9:51 am

Love the indigo look. But I must say- the plum looks fantastic with your eyes! 🙂

5 Kimberly October 11, 2009 at 8:44 pm

The Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired By Carmindy cosmetics line is the best makeup ever and available at great prices. So, forget those expensive brands, this line is all you will need. I love it!!! Not enough women have heard of these great products, but try them; you are going to love this line!

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