First Look: SensiClear Acne Treatment system

by Bionic Beauty on 02.May.2009

SensiClear acne treatment skin care system on Bionic Beauty

A three-step program for eliminating acne. Say hello to a clear complexion with SensiClear™, a clinically proven acne treatment system with a unique, effective formula. SensiClear™ lets you experience fast results without harsh ingredients or irritation, leaving your complexion clear and calm.

Unlike other leading acne treatment systems, SensiClear™ products do not contain benzoyl peroxide, a harsh ingredient that often leads to dry, flaky, irritated skin. Only SensiClear™ includes the revolutionary new ingredient Retextra, which unclogs pores while smoothing and softening the skin to create a healthy, radiant acne-free complexion. The three easy steps to SensiClear™ skin include:

  • Step One: SensiClear™ Purifying Cleanser – to gently clean and refresh skin by removing excess oil, debris, and heavy makeup without irritating skin
  • Step Two: SensiClear™ Balancing Toner- to rejuvenate, firm, and lift away any remaining residue while hydrating and balancing the skin’s surface
  • Step Three: SensiClear™ Blemish-Free Acne Treatment Lotion- to heal and prevent blemishes gently and effectively without irritating sensitive skin
  • For additional treatment, use SensiClear™ Acne Spot Treatment Cream as a quick fix for blocked pores.

I personally have not had a chance to try the SensiClear system, but since it’s SO affordable and readily available, I figured it was a good fit. Have any of you tried this system? If so, I’d love to hear about your experience!

This acne treatment system is available for $29.99 at Snyder’s Drug Stores and

Full ingredients list for the SensiClear treatment regimen is available on the SensiClear website.

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