Split with your split ends

by Bionic Beauty on 14.Apr.2009 · 1 comment

Split End Spa hair repair serum from AG CosmeticsAG Hair Cosmetics is one of my favorite hair care “luxury” brands. I love the performance and the fact that the owner’s started this company as an itty bitty upstart in the basement of their Vancouver, BC home. It gives us little entrepreneurs hope, right?

Anyhow, AG has a BRAND NEW release, Split End Spa hair repair serum, and they sent it to me for thorough and complete Bionic Beauty testing!

As my regular readers can tell from my photographs, I change my hair color frequently. Actually the word frequently probably doesn’t even cover it. To help with all that abuse, I use the best products I can (whether they are salon or the fab finds at the drugstore), air dry when possible and use leave-in conditioners every single day. I also use a UVA/UVB sunblock spray when I’m outside and cover up with a hat. But still, my locks can lock a bit french-fried on the ends.

AG’s new Split End Spa is a miracle hair serum for me. It comes in a nifty little pump bottle (I love pumps since they are sanitary and less likely to spill), that dispenses a perfect small dollop of serum. Since the ends of my hair by my face are the most damaged that’s where I concentrate the application. Rub between palms and then glide fingers over damaged areas. If I need a little extra coverage, I put more on my fingertips and pull through the specific strands. AG’s instructions say to use on damp hair, but I’ve had fine success using it after my hair has air dried as well.

Split End Spa serum has the perfect amount of “slip” to really glide over your hair, lock down the cuticle, and make my hair look intensely sleek.  No longer will people look over and think “Jeez girl, you need conditioner!”

I’m one happy Bionic!

AG Hair Cosmetics are sold in salons only. Use the AG Salon finder to locate one close to you.

Don’t miss my previous reviews of AG’s products. Their Color Savour shampoo & conditioner is a regular in my shower… and now actress Frieda Pinto is now singing it’s praises (she must’ve heard about it here, right? Hey, I can wish.

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1 Bella April 14, 2009 at 4:49 pm

Oh gurrrrl, you are so lucky to be sent things like this for reviewing!! I might just get some of it soon, since my hair is looooong and needs some serious care

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