Spotted at CVS – Awesome Kiss Nails!

by Bionic Beauty on 24.Feb.2014 · 2 comments

On a jaunt to my local CVS drugstore this week, I spotted these completely awesome glue-on nails by Kiss.

The complete collection:
Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails - 3

And a close up of my absolute faves:
Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails - 2

I am DEFINITELY going to recreate those rainbow-ombre-sparkly-goodness nails as soon as I can! I’m figuring I’ll custom mix some pastel colors with my Gelish top coat – that should get the job done.

Which set is your favorite?

Rainbow nails and glitter,
Jami - author and editor of the Bionic Beauty blog


P.S. You can click the photographs above to view them in a larger size!


1 CLAUDETTE BUCKNER July 25, 2014 at 9:03 pm


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