Spring 2010: Milani’s new affordable neons

by Bionic Beauty on 12.Apr.2010 · 3 comments

This Spring, Milani has two new nail polish collections: Neon and 3D Holographic. Since I’ve spotted the Neons already hitting store shelves, I am swatching those first. After a long winter, these bright polishes are sure to wake up your manicure or pedicure!

The Bionic Beauty blog review - Milani Cosmetics' Spring Neon nail polish collection

The new Neon polish collection from Milani Cosmetics

Techno Red – I had good coverage after two coats. Techno Red is a warm-based tomato red with a tiny hint of orange. It dried to a semi-matte finish (very similar to the effect you’d get if you used Orly’s Nails for Males as a top coat). I think it looks very cool, but you might not like it; however most people use top coats anyhow. For comparison, my ring finger is left without a top coat to show the semi-matte nature of this polish.

The Bionic Beauty blog swatch and review - Milani Cosmetics' Techno Red nail polish

Milani's Techno Red nail polish

Pink Hottie – A bright Bubble Yum™ pink!! The coverage was a bit inconsistent for the first two coats so you’ll definitely want three if you want an opaque, even coverage. Semi-gloss finish (i.e. glossier than Techno Red, but not quite the standard gloss finish of most polishes). One of my favorites in this collection and most people could definitely wear this to work… it will make a fabulous pedi polish as well!

The Bionic Beauty blog swatch and review - Milani Cosmetics' Pink Hottie nail polish

Milani's Pink Hottie nail polish

Totally 80’s – A lime-based yellow. I had some difficulty applying this color- it was blotchy, had lots of drag, and definitely requires three coats. For creativity, I topped my ring finger with Milani’s 3D holographic polish in 3D (a glittery gold). I can’t take credit for this combination- it was actually the exact look used at the Nary Manivong runway show at NY Spring/Summer 2010 Fashion Week.

The Bionic Beauty blog swatch and review - Milani Cosmetics' Totally 80s nail polish

Milani's Totally 80s nail polish

Pink Rocks – A really pretty magenta-based pink. Inside (or in diffuse lighting) it looks almost red; in the sun it’s a flaming deep, hot pink. It has a bit of a jelly texture and finish to it and dried to a semi-gloss. This would be really cool with a stripe of white at the tips or base of your nails, then use two coats of Pink Rocks.
Three coats will give you opaque coverage but it’s not necessarily even- my nails had more of an ombre-faded fire look (darker towards the tips and lighter towards the nail base)… I actually loved the effect!

The Bionic Beauty blog swatch and review - Milani Cosmetics' Pink Rocks nail polish

Milani's Pink Rocks nail polish

Awesome Orange – Just like the name implies, it’s a citrusy orange; but a deep orange-red… closer to a Blood Orange, than a glass of OJ. I can see this color working overtime on my toes this summer after I faux-tan a bit! It’s a semi-translucent polish that had even coverage with three coats. It dries to a semi-gloss finish.

The Bionic Beauty blog swatch and review - Milani Cosmetics' Awesome Orange nail polish

Milani's Awesome Orange nail polish

Rad Purple – My absolute favorite color from this collection by far!! Rad Purple didn’t turn out so much neon, as a wine-stain. It’s a red-based purple that reminds me of what my childhood hands looked like after picking blackberries all day. Quite possibly the best purple colored polish I’ve got in all of my totes! (And yes, I nicked my pinky nail… it wasn’t the nail polishes’ fault, I was just being a klutz.)

The Bionic Beauty blog swatch and review - Milani Cosmetics' Rad Purple nail polish

Bionic's fave: Milani's Rad Purple nail polish!

Fresh Teal – Fancy a swim in the pool? Fresh Teal was a fully opaque color at two coats and has a high gloss finish. See my notes below under Dude Blue.

The Bionic Beauty blog swatch and review - Milani Cosmetics' Fresh Teal nail polish

Milani's Fresh Teal nail polish

Dude Blue – Another color that had full opaque results at just two coats with a high gloss finish. In my photos of Dude Blue and Fresh Teal, I am not wearing a gloss top-coat. Both Milani’s Teal and Blue nail polishes remind me of those clear blue waters you see in island-getaway advertisements. Very summery!!

These two colors are the most pigmented from this collection… and because of that, be sure you use a good base coat. The blue coloring can give your fingertips a smurfish tinge when you go to remove it- avoid this by using a good base coat, and also coating your hands with lotion before removing the polish.

The Bionic Beauty blog swatch and review - Milani Cosmetics' Dude Blue nail polish

Milani's Dude Blue nail polish

My overall thoughts on this collection… I’m not a huge fan of the opaque bottles, since you can’t tell how much is left. These polishes perform well, dry quickly, have unique colors, and are priced perfectly (around $5); plus you can pick them up at most local drugstores or at MilaniCosmetics.com!

Stay tuned next week for my swatches of Milani’s 3D Holographic nail polishes!

FTC Disclosure: This item was sent to me free of charge in return for an honest review. The opinion in this article is based on my personal experience and was not influenced by any source. I was not compensated for this article. Feel free to read my disclosure policy for more information.


1 Jess April 12, 2010 at 4:16 pm

I am with you the purple is beautiful!! I love them all though.. color here we come! I am soo happy summer is around the corner!!

2 Stacy April 14, 2010 at 9:43 am

I am in love with the Fresh Teal, Rad Purple, Pink Rocks and Pink Hottie! I think I am going nail polish shopping in the near future!

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