Summer 2009: California Baby Sunscreens Reviewed

by Bionic Beauty on 25.Jun.2009

Here’s the latest product review from Joycey Couture… Bionic Beauty’s co-editor!

California Baby Everyday Sunscreen lotion in SPF 18

SPF 18 natural sunscreen lotion by California Baby

Grab your beach bag kids- it’s summertime! Oh, and um- can I ask you what’s in your bag? Sunscreen I hope, and lots of it!

I’m a big beach person so when I was asked to try a new, all natural sunscreen lotion, I couldn’t pass it up! I was handed two bottles of California Baby. One, a SPF 18 and the other, an SPF 30.

I began by researching the products before I tested them on my skin during a hot, humid, and skin roasting day at the beach.

From what I read, I had found the love of my life! Developed with all organic ingredients, without added PABA or another invasive chemicals, it’s water resistant (for up to 8 hours of sun time!), great for babies and children (tear-free), non-comedogenic and its non-whiting.

Who could ask for more!?

Well, the SPF 18 did what it promised and delivered award winning results. I had a hint of glow after laying by and swimming in the pool (reapplying after each pool exit), but no redness anywhere on my face or body. Although I wasn’t a huge fan for the lemon grass scent, I was happy with the product.

California Baby Everyday Sunscreen lotion in SPF 30

SPF 30 natural sunscreen lotion by California Baby

I wish I could say the same for the SPF 30. I was not a California Baby. I looked more like a California Tourist!

The sunscreen globbed on my skin from the bottle and when I finally had it spread about- it was impossible to rub in. I even tried scrubbing it around (or off) in the salt water using sand as my scrub!

(Can you imagine what I looked like in the ocean? Quite possibly a glowing white, beached beluga whale.)

So, it was then it dawned on me- just like a first date, sunscreen isn’t always as good as it says it is.

In summary, I heartily recommend the California Baby SPF 18 sunscreen over their SPF 30.
The SPF 18 runs $19.99 (for a 4.5 pump bottle) and the SPF 30 is $19.99 for 2.9 oz tube. Shop online at or keep an eye out at your local natural food market.

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